Wondering if anyone has signed a lease with EQT for no deductions. Recently received a lease with them but I am reluctant to sign as I have had issues with a lease of mine they purchased from another company. Thank you!

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You might want to have an O&G attorney review it.

Great advice, and a good O&G Attorney may be able to get you leased with another company, who could make an arrangement with EQT at drilling time. Your better lease with the other company would prevail for your payments.

They may be the worst. Have multiple leases and they have maybe treated me the worst of all. DO NOT sign a lease with


Wow, how can anyone make such a blanket statement. Turning down a lease with any provider without knowledge of the specifics is horrible advise. A lot depends on how much land you have, who all is playing in your area, active well pads nearby, etc. If you have more than a couple acres it is worth finding a specializing gas and oil attorney that knows your area. That’s what I did and my attorney secured a no deduction lease with EQT. I have been in production with eqt for 6 months now. No issues, they pay fast compared to other producers (45 days) and my acreage production is 5 times what I was told to expect 3 years ago when I signed. Couldn’t be happier!

There are deductions and then there are reductions.    If there are no deductions, how much are they reducing the base, what are they including in the reductions, before they calculate your royalty?    /


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