Anyone interested in a GoMarcellusShale social sometime this spring? Meet the folks we talk with on this website...share a meal?

I'm a landowner in Washington Township/Butler County.  Just looking to see if anyone would be interested in spending a weekend afternoon socializing/talking the talk/networking.  Landowners only.  I know of a great little restaurant on the Allegheny River in Foxburg...just south of Emlenton.  Would be happy to organize the gathering.  Looking at early spring for a date.  Post here...and friend me if you are interested!  

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JMS, count me in!

So far there will be 3 of us!!  LOL  Hoping for at least 8 for the table by the fireplace!

Well according to Punxsutawney Phil, Spring is at least 6 weeks away...I can wait...:)

Whoa  I never knew that the Body Shop served food? LOL Just kidding every truck driver that has been across I-80 with  a CB  radio knows where the Body Shop is. Sounds like a good idea though but being in Ohio a bit far for me. 

 Years ago around my area  the producers of a well would hold frack parties for the land owner, investors, They would throw up a party tent cater food in the whole show. Rather funny seeing the land owner driving through the field on a tractor and see him park it alongside of BMWs lol.

It's all new to me...really? Frack parties? Here I thought I was being soooo original...sigh...

Well, I don't have a farm or a BMW or a Limo - so no worries!  In fact, I'm really due for any kind of a new car - even a new "used" car would do (oops, it's "preowned" these days); but still waiting to sign my lease so I can buy one!  LOL 

Sooo many of you all from Ohio!  Let me know if you change your mind about the drive.  Just south of Interstate 80 and Emlenton.

Where's the Body Shop...or is that a stupid question...should I just make an educated guess?!




The exit for Emlenton off of I-80 turn right off ramp go about 1/4 mile  on right. Directions are given on the CB but around 3 AM and getting tired that CB  gets a few laughs from both sides. The body shop is a strip joint, company drivers don't make money by parking! The truck stop to the North of the exit has real good apple pie! 

By the way seeing a truck at a adult business parking lot does not mean the driver even went into the business. It might have been the only place he could find to park a rig when about out of hours to drive.

Drill Baby Drill

ah, the ole meet and greet thread....Happens with every site at least once....I've been on the internet since the internet started and at some point, someone says, lets all meet...Usually, Las Vegas was the offered venue....Everyone says great, then noone shows....Well, maybe this time all you farmers will show with your Carharts or levis....Of course, I'm not sure what you'll all talk about since noone is showing their cards here....And that's probably because many signed for such low bonus money in 2007, you're too embarrassed.

oh great the jaded expert......

did you help al gore invent this as well, or did you make moses slippers as well


I'm out because of )o( 's

Thanks for the back up David...Sorry you can't come by...

Okay Jim...Go ahead, burst my balloon...or bust it...whatever!  :)

I don't know what we'll talk about either!  Maybe we'll just stare at each our Carharts and Levis...even those of us without a tractor or a farm...

JIm Smith - What's wrong with Carhartt's and Levi's?  I work in management during the week and live in Carhartt's and Levi's every evening and weekend.  Just bought some new Levi's and a Carhatt with my latest royalty check actually.  Right now my royalties are exceeding my income from working 40 hours per week - maybe it will be Carhartt's and Levi's every day soon.


JMS - count me in.

 I want to do a IMPACT STORY! I want to wake up landowners in my area that are sleeping. I would like to have someone that has received a decent lease bonus  to please send me a copy of the check. Of course by all means blank out you name! I would like to submit it to my local newspaper to run in a story that would ask, if your a land owner could you use a check like this?  No rumor, no bull, just a fact that this is not a $38 per hour internet type of scam and they best wake up!


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