Our lease is up in September and was wondering what the going rate may be?  I've been hearing that most people are being lowballed?

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Hey Mother, Greene County is so specific on where your minerals are now, the hottest are western Greene county, Eastern Greene, you could see a price drop of 50% or more.

We have property near Greensboro.  Not sure why such a drop since things are picking back up.  I guess maybe because there isn't enough competition these days?  EQT and Chevron seem to be the only companies in that particular area.  Thanks for replying.  Just trying to get a feel for what's currently happening. 

Well, dry gas and wet gas areas - wet gas being the hot area which is the WV/Ohio line area. Sullivan county, dry gas 1500 is starting number and in the greater Pittsburgh area, low as 500 starting in dry high I found was 3500 for dry. If you want I can reach out to my friend at Eqt and Chevron.


We are signed with Rice (now EQT).  That would be great if you could reach out to them.  Maybe then can give you an idea of what the going rate is in my area?  Thank you so much...I really appreciate it.

Our lease is up in Nov. witha 3 year extension. No drilling yet. Now with EQT. Any activity in Center or Jackson township near Holbrook?

Are you getting royalties yet, I have lease there too and have not heard from anyone 

I live in Jackson Twp. & have a lease with E.Q.T. which they acquired with the Rice buy-out. I made mention some time ago that right after they acquired it a rep.from E.Q.T. contacted me. He claims he was instructed to contact anyone that had less than 2yrs.remaining to offer a top lease to them. It was at that time 17% & 3500.00 an acre. I turned them down flat.He came back sometime later & said there position was that they were the only game in town take it or leave it. I chose to leave it. I have 11months left on my current lease with NO automatic renewal. He again contacted me about 2 months ago & told me they elected to just let it expire taking no action. I informed him feelings were mutual.

Ours has the 3 year extension as well. I'm anxious to see if they extend it or not. If not, I am trying to find out the going rate. Don't know anything about what's happening on your end of the county.

Make sure you get a release filed or it will hold you up leasing again.
 signed last year for 3500 on the marcellus and 4000 for the utica

What area are you in Pete? We are near Greensboro. Right now the lease is only for the Marcellus.  I'd like to lease both if they don't extend our lease for another 3 years.  Or if they do, include the Utica.  Thanks for the info.

cameron wv area and american petroleum partners took out the leases

American Petroleum Partners, LLC

Toll Free: 1-844-TELL-APP
good luck

We are in PA so I'm not sure if our offers are less than some in WV.  Thank you so much Pete for the info...very helpful. 


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