I have property leased to Antero in Bethel Twp. S.E. Monroe co. Ohio I have not heard a peep in a long time. Any news at all?

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Gulfport has been buying up leases and unleased acreage in southern Monroe county for about 6 months, and applying for drilling permits like crazy.

Apparently, they know for about sure that there is something worth while down there that they aren't telling us about.

For the new permits being issued to Gulfport; and their accomplice, Eclipse, you would never guess that gas drilling is being curtailed around here.

Thanks for the info,

Annie, what is the price/ acre they are leasing land for in south Monroe?

Edge Marc has been moving drilling rig and have completed at least two wells in the Perry TWP area, the Moonracker and the Odd Job.    Are now drilling the Nick Nack and rig can be seen from Route 800.   Where do they get these names?   lol Hope the production if far better than these names.

Also anyone know about the decision the BLM was to make concerning drilling in the Wayne National Forest?  Thought it was to be in March.   The wheels of the federal bureaucracy do indeed move slowly. 

Bond, James Bond....are where the pad names come from.

Sounds correct to me.

The BLM changed their timing to release a decision until April on their website. 


Strange it is now April.   BLM needs to look at the calendar.

Way too funny that those Edge Marc wells are named after two James Bond movies and a character in some of the movies.      

I'll keep mum about what I think of Edge Marc's naming choices,  a little too silly for business purposes.

guess they got sick of rice having all the fun

Yeah what prices ?

Prices for what?


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