Hey All!

Just wondering if there is anything new with Ascent in Guernsey?

My minerals are north of Rt. 22, west of Skullfork Rd., Section 21.

In the K&R Conservation LLC land.

I only own the minerals, no land.

I received a letter from the "Purple Land men" wanting to buy my minerals.

Thought maybe since they seemed interested, something was in the air.

I never answered them and heard nothing from Ascent.

Would appreciate any new news, if there is any!

Thanks all!

nc man

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Ascent has been and are busy in Guernsey county, but not up your neck of the woods. They are currently drilling at the Morovich wells on Franklin rd. by salesville. they are fracking the Rector wells down by Seneca Resorts. They have a temp. water line run from the lake at Ideal rd. to the Shugert well pad on Polaski rd. just south of Old Washington. Must be going to drill there next. They are putting up the sound barrier walls at the Shipman pad in Old Washington on County Home rd. Must be going to drill there soon also.they just completed a well pad on Sugartree rd. just south of Sligo rd. near Birmingham. I heard a rumor for now, that they want to buy all of Chesapeakes leaseholds in Guernsey co. They must see more $ in Guernsey's 600 bbl per day oil wells and all of the wet gases here that they have to pay very little for. Cracker Plants being built!

Are they doing anything now in Londonderry Twp,?

Don't rightly know,Robert. Don't get out that way much. They had a rig running in that twp. earlier in the year.

Yes they drilled four wells on the Gil Pad.  Was just wondering what more was going on.  Thanks for the information Bo.


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