Sadly there doesn't appear to be any ongoing monitoring of aquifers related to drilling activity, This is not a single county issue, but an environmental issue that each of us needs to be alert to. I'd like to suggest that each and every landowner take it upon him/herself to do the necessary looking out for their own health and for the health of their neighbors.

When/if you become aware of an issue-don't keep it to yourself. Yell about it loudly and often, in newspaper article alerts as well as challenges to our representatives and legislators. Get your local reporter involved-in short-you take charge.

All good thoughts,


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The coal and lumber companies took the coal and trees from northeastern PA and left a nasty mess.  Go on Google Earth or Google Maps Satellite View and look at the Eastern branch of the Susquehanna just above Wilkes Barre where the Lackawanna River comes in from Scranton.  That river of brown water is mine waste and it has been flowing in like that for many years and will continue for many more generations.  What is going to happen when the gas is gone? Three out of three nasty messes in our backyards is my guess if everyone scoffs at people like Dan who propose simple ideas like testing the water.

The situation in West Virginia is getting international attention because the coal company had the misfortune of having their chemical spill directly into the input pipes of the water company that supplies the state capitol and several surrounding counties.  We are therefore treated to a water pollution issue getting maximum attention.  There have been accidental spills by the gas companies here in Northeast PA and it will happen again.  It is not over-reacting to think that we need to keep an eye on our water - it is just common sense.

I just want some real proof before
I buy what dan is selling. The older
I get the less tolerant I am of others
Own agenda.

two of us,

Just what do you think I'm trying to sell?


Here we go again!  Constant bickering over who's right.  The truth of the matter is, neither side is right or wrong.  ProFrackers...Antifrackers!  You all have some valid points of truth to speak but a majority of what you all say is all wrong and you know it.


To the later...get your heads out of your toilet bowls and stop speaking with forked tongue.  You ALL use the natural resources that you vehemently oppose in your everyday life.  You can't escape it.  Even the computer you are sitting in front of came from coal, gas, oil, minerals of the planet earth.  You consume your energy fighting an enemy that is you yourself.  Its like a little child punching himself in the nose so his mommy will feel sorry for him.  Infantile to say the least.  Join a cause that will do some good.  Like finding warm housing for the homeless in the winter time.  Oh wait!  That would take natural gas or oil to heat those homes.  Bah..let them freeze.


Now to the aint kiddin no one, but maybe yourself.  Get your heads out of the sands like a bunch of ostriches.  Any time in history that natural resources have been extracted from the planet earth there have been problems and you know it.  "Fracking is not safe".  It is hostile to the planet earth and we need to stay ever vigilant to make sure we don't destroy what gives us life.  Note!  I didn't say we need to stop fracking.  We just all need to join hands and make sure we continue to make it safer and safer.  So when someone stands up and says, "Hey I think I felt the ground shake the other day" or "My water is tasting funny", we need to stop a second and give it a second look.  Don't rely on politicians to save your butt.  They are easily bought and sold.   The companies, big and small, only want one!  So don't rely on them to keep you safe.  Umm...didn't you ever hear of the saying "the fox guarding the henhouse"?


So in closing...c'mon people. Join together to keep our world safe.  We all need the coal, gas, oil.  We just don't want to kill ourselves to have it!  I for one would rather live without it than not live at all.  How about you? 

I can tell this forum with all honesty both at work and at home my water occasionally turns BLACK not discolored but BLACK.

Now if I had a dishonest agenda I too could scream FRACKING and run around like an idiot and be on tv also, and maybe make a few dishonest dollars to boot perhaps meet Josh.

But the truth is at work my water is supplied by the city reservoir,BTW I dont drink or make coffee with it.

My water at home is because I had hundred year old black walnut trees in the yard and a faulty

water well casing so every rain would leach the tannins? into my well.

So in conclusion we need to BAN municipal water sources and walnut trees please join my campaign to save our water sources and donate to MY cause till it hurts.

I will have a video on youtube of both water sources

Thank you 

Chip, you are being the perfect example of what I am speaking of, you are choosing to cut on John Doe and the issues that he is having with his water supply versus having a intelligent conversation to see what is actually caused the problem. If it is not being caused by the O&G industry please, politely, show what might be causing the issue, instead of assuming anything. If you have the answer please be kind enough to share it with the rest of us. I am sure John would really appreciate it. If not my mother always said, "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all." I personally do not know what caused the issue, but by cutting on John certainly does not add anything to this discussion.

Can't we all just get along..


Chip dont be a dick! well  dick Decker.Kinda has a ring too it

I can see the humor part may have stumped you let me explain.

That was written as a parody to the Black water video from whoever pages back.

never mind... you..................................................................

Well said Ed! Absolutely perfect..
A few articles to justify David's Fears.

Now look people, David Cohen, brought up a legitimate topic on a O&G forum. He did this in a intelligent, polite, civilized manner. However, it seems that some would rather bring personal attacks against David. They would rather call people names, or choose to change the subject, verses have a intelligent, polite, civilized discussion, based on the topic at hand. This attitude accomplishes nothing. This forum is about education, sharing of knowledge and ideas, not personal attacks. At least that is what I thought it was about. However, it seems that anytime a persons point of view conflicts with others, some people choose to attack that person, rather than debating the topic with a intelligent, civilized, discussion. If my hypothesis is correct I will be flamed for this comment.

Can't we all just get along..

Please have a happy day..

Peace out..

Dear Pacer,

Thanks for the URL's and for your comments. We can agree that to "all get along" is not the same thing as "going along". Too many of us are mislead by incorrect information or spin for a particular way and jump to conclusions in haste.

I personally believe that by exploring alternate positions, we increase our ability to form conclusions based upon fact rather than hype. I would like to consider each and every respondent here to be of well meaning intent, and that we can all agree to aspire to the same lofty goals to protect Mother Earth.

How best to do that is the issue.


Hello Dan something tells me you didn't grow up cleaning out the barn so to say.


I've been in many a barn, and cleaned many a stall, but you are correct in your general assumption. (Does that have anything to do with the validity of the points being made, by the way?)



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