Sadly there doesn't appear to be any ongoing monitoring of aquifers related to drilling activity, This is not a single county issue, but an environmental issue that each of us needs to be alert to. I'd like to suggest that each and every landowner take it upon him/herself to do the necessary looking out for their own health and for the health of their neighbors.

When/if you become aware of an issue-don't keep it to yourself. Yell about it loudly and often, in newspaper article alerts as well as challenges to our representatives and legislators. Get your local reporter involved-in short-you take charge.

All good thoughts,


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You & I are in agreement with all you just said.Although we may differ in the extent of the drilling model, the direction is right.

Well said.


I think Bank of America hasthe WaMu  mess to deal with after the g-men forced them to buy. JPM has the same troble with Bear Stern


You assume that the testing is not being performed by independent agencies, or that the results are not openly available to independent sources of review. You also assume that State/County/Federal agencies are not involved.

Those are two big assumption, Sounds as if you have an unstated agenda.


You're quite correct about the assumptions made. Are they unfounded?


Dan - 12+ months before a well is drilled water samples are taken by a third party testing company within 1,000 feet of a well.
After the well is drilled the company comes out again and tests the water.

I would caution you to discuss items that you know for fact to be true.

Oil and gas companies know they have to get it right because the enviro-terrorists will run to the nearest camera, and rightly so if it's a confirmed breech.
The largest fly-ash pit in the US is in my backyard. It's an unlined lake called Little Blue. If you haven't heard of it - look it up.
That's where the aquifers are becoming contaminated, and it's been in existence since the 1970s.

A proper lease will hold the drilling companies liable to fix the contaminated wells or provide a permanent solution.
As a leaseholder myself with cattle and horses, there's a lot of faith we put into them to get it right the first time.

I have an aerial picture of a CHK well ok Hookstown. EVERY PIECE of equipment has a containment area. Even the smallest portable light has one.
Very impressive.

Jason, if I understand your position correctly you are advocating that the O/G companies can be trusted to be accurate, fair and environmentally concerned. To date that unfortunately is not my read of the situation.

You reference containment areas. Liners on large open pond areas to hold fracked water are all over the place. Liners leak. The height of the containment pond itself can/is breached with heavy rain/snow at times during the year. Where does that overflow go? It is usually trenched to run into a nearby waterway.

I wish I could accept your generous view of the integrity and well meaning of the O/G companies. Sadly I cannot.


Daniel - locally in PA we have the DEP and federally the EPA.

there's your oversight, sir. And the thousands of wells drilled thus far and where's all your research and findings that things are covered up and not accurate?

Certainly I (and the thousands of property owners in western PA alone) would never have signed on to allow the ruin of our lands.

I have witnessed the drilling industry firsthand over the past 8 years in W PA. If and when there is an issue the fines are placed and the newspapers and tv stations appear as the drive by media usually does.

We aren't China, Daniel. Far from it. Take a look around - this isn't the Gasland Josh Fox created in his fantasy land.

Trust me sir / if and when I'm drilled on Ill be inspecting my property daily for mistakes.

You seem like a troll. Are you?

Where are you from? Do you have land? Do you support drilling or are you NIMBY?
I've been on this site a while now and I've not seen your name here before.
I hear WV has some aquifers that need a contamination watch. Here's your sign.


In Penn. both the DEP and the EPA leave much to be desired in the level of oversight being given. That is exactly why I am urging the individual landowners to be extremely vigilant and diligent in their own monitoring, and to be ready to yell loudly when/if/should it become apparent that there is trouble afoot.

Of course a landowner wouldn't sign on to a lease that destroys his property, if he knew in advance that that would be an outcome. But many leaseholders were/are blindsided by the inaccuracies fed to them to get them to sign, and in retrospect are voicing concerns about what they were told and what is happening to them. Just Google CHK lawsuits if you need specifics.

Your characterization of the firsthand  witnessing you have done over the past 8 years appears to fly in the face of actual facts, given the multitude of suits underway. In your 3rd. paragraph you imply you are a landowner. In your 6th paragraph you imply you are not.

Name calling doesn't get us very far. I'd recommend that you avoid that in the future.Your personal questions would not appear to address the issues we are trying to discuss- perhaps if we stick to the points raised and respond civilly we might be able to accomplish something.

Your observation about my name recognition may be somewhat accurate, but over the years I have monitored your name and indeed you and I have had at it in years past. Your observation about West Virginia is on target-and we need to make sure it doesn't happen to us. Your sarcasm at the end does you little justice.


Individuals like yourself that introduce fear and scare tactics do very little unless you are affiliated with politicians who can by their very hand put technology and innovation on a shelf and peoples lives on hold possibly forever. New York's moratorium on drilling, please watch fracknation and see what those property owners have to deal with.

I don't remember you and won't bother to look up your past on here. You say we've discussed items in the past / I'll take your word.

I am indeed a property owner but I don't have to prove that to you. I was blessed to buy my farm before this activity came to Beaver county.

I challenge you to bring FACTUAL stories and evidence to back your claim. Because I'm looking at 3 years left on a lease and if you can provide worthwhile, documented factual evidence, You have my ears and open mind. The mic is yours.

But just again giving hypotheticals leads me to believe I've given your discussion too much attention.

Aside from the Cross Creek, Pa spills from years back and a trucking company owner illegally dumping brine, I and many others need to hear the horrors you speak of.

Dan, answere your phone, Putin is calling with new instructions




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