Sadly there doesn't appear to be any ongoing monitoring of aquifers related to drilling activity, This is not a single county issue, but an environmental issue that each of us needs to be alert to. I'd like to suggest that each and every landowner take it upon him/herself to do the necessary looking out for their own health and for the health of their neighbors.

When/if you become aware of an issue-don't keep it to yourself. Yell about it loudly and often, in newspaper article alerts as well as challenges to our representatives and legislators. Get your local reporter involved-in short-you take charge.

All good thoughts,


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Right..........more Federal Oversight is always the answer. 

I'm arguing for greater accuracy and oversight that can be trusted.At this point it would appear to be government oversight. What would you recommend instead?


Dan if you have any proof let see it. Otherwise
It sounds like your motives are suspect.
If he had proof he would have led with it.

two of us,

Have you Googled CHK-Lawsuits yet?


Have you Googled CHK-Lawsuits yet?



You are doing exactly what needs to be done by us all. Independent checking of our aquifer is key to maintaining the necessary watch.



Now we're Googling CHK lawsuits?? Really? Your discussion lasted a whole 12 hours of hypotheticals.

It's your discussion board, Daniel. The opportunity is your's to show us factually WHY we need to believe you.

I'd like to believe you. I am a skeptic at heart. I just need facts.

CHK is involved with many lawsuits for many shady financial issues. Show me the lawsuits over aquifer contamination.

Fair enough Jason,

I'm assuming that your request is an honest seeking of information and facts.My referencing the lawsuits was to make the point that the O/G companies, and CHK in particular, do not have the interests of the landowner as part of their corporate concern. They are focused on the profit bottom line-and that's appropriate from their perspective.

Folks like you and me are more focused on being good custodians for the land under our care, and to be alert to anything that might damage Mother Earth. That's why the call on my part to do the monitoring. They won't-we must.


Fair enough. I agree we have to be vigilant. If done correctly there shouldn't be issues.

However there is always human error.


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