Sadly there doesn't appear to be any ongoing monitoring of aquifers related to drilling activity, This is not a single county issue, but an environmental issue that each of us needs to be alert to. I'd like to suggest that each and every landowner take it upon him/herself to do the necessary looking out for their own health and for the health of their neighbors.

When/if you become aware of an issue-don't keep it to yourself. Yell about it loudly and often, in newspaper article alerts as well as challenges to our representatives and legislators. Get your local reporter involved-in short-you take charge.

All good thoughts,


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If that's so, I would think then that the lease agreement would (if provisions / clauses exist within it).

But, then if they (in spite of the lease) refuse to clean it all up (somehow ?) the landowner might have to take it all to a court - ($ $ + time) ?

Bad deal - lots of risk - deficient laws then in Ohio too.

That needs to change / be addressed if you ask me.

Not at all O & G friendly - probably a struggle brewing.

PA Code 78.51. Protection of Water Supplies 

A well operator who affects a public or private water supply by pollution or diminution shall restore or replace the affected supply with an alternate source of water adequate in quantity and quality for the purposes served by the supply as determined by the department


A landowner, water purveyor or affected person suffering pollution or diminution of a water supply as a result of drilling, altering or operating an oil or gas well may so notify the Department and request that an investigation be conducted.  the notice and request must include the following:

1) The name, address and telephone number of the person requesting the investigation

2) The type, location and use of the water supply

3) Available background quality and quantity data regarding the water supply, if known

4) Well depth, pump setting and water level, if known

5) A description of the pollution or diminution

There is a lot more to this code requiring the company at their cost to restore or replace the water supply. This information is available online

This is a Pennsylvania statute.

As for Ohio state law, I do not know that specifically but before I would jump to a conclusion I would contact ODNR

There is a big difference between restoring or replacing a water supply. A person might end up with a truck delivering water in the amount he used prior to contamination of his well,.. forever. As for my lease, the company promises to use their "best efforts". The State of Ohio in their leases require restoration but my lessee refused such a clause. Worse yet, what would happen if a spill extended to unleased properties. Those owners could hold us all liable for damages without limit.

"What do you think?


I think you are a troll, Dan.

"You are making my point for me."  "Or do you disagree." "Or am I mistaken."

Puh-leeze.  Someone ban this clown.

Folks seem to be reluctant to band together to have their voices heard by the lawmakers and decision deciders. Whether you are for or against any particular issue, I believe that we are all stronger in voicing our discontent in a pointed, responsible way. With that in mind  I have started a petition demanding an end to lies. You may be for or against fracking, but no one appreciates being lied to or misled.

If this is similar to how you feel, please take a look to see if you can support the petition.Just click on the URL below. Thank you for the patience and the effort.


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