In 2019 we began two new 3D seismic shoots, each of approximately 10 sq.miles: the Meigs South and the Brookfield East. We plan to drill a well in each of these 3D areas to prove out our significant scientific research.

The four fundamentals to our approach are:

  • Using our unique subsurface understanding, locate wells in structurally superior positions where organic content is greatest

  • Utilize 3D seismic to drill laterals in the target zone where hydrocarbon saturation is greatest

  • Drill longer laterals with optimal completions

  • Team with a midstream partner for infrastructure buildout

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Good to see these guys giving this a shot. Artex has always made some pretty sound investments - can't wait to hear how they do. 

Artex has a lot of old Clinton wells. if they have the deep rights,their leasehold in these areas may be impressive.

AEP acreage Bo

Artex was one of the largest O&G producers in Ohio before the Utica came along. I'm sure the majority of their leases in Guernsey, Muskingum & Noble all mostly not limited to specific depths. 

Surface to Center

The Texans shot high. Should be like shootin’ fish in a barrel now. Lol.

Keeping the bit in the pay zone should help out, but the area is under pressured. Decline curve is too great for any of the real shale operators to have interest. Best of luck to Artex though. 

Just SE of The Wilds

Brian, It is for Utica if you look where the Utica sits. The Utica sits in the group of the Trenton and Point Pleasant depth.


Looks like it is permitted.

Where did you obtain this information.  I've been monitoring the ODNR  Shale Well Drilling and Permitting, but they seem to update new permits the first of the week.


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