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Hope the term 'artists' was used loosely, only recognize a couple names.  None worth the price of admission.  Wonder how many could actually explain what fracing is and/or why they consider the process damaging.  Bet they'd just regurgitate whatever line they were fed.



I have to wonder how they get from one engagement to another. How do they heat their pools and cool their massive mansions. I have yet to see an aerial picture of a huge mansion loaded with solar panels or windmills or a coral of magical unicorns farting free clean energy? In the USA we consume way more energy per person than most of the world and I would think the very wealthy consume many times more than us commoners.

Do they actually know what fracking is??!! :)

These people are fellow Americans. they have the right to oppose fracking without the need for being persecuted for it. What you are doing here is anti American. I guess you too are following the industry bobbleheads and don't know right from wrong.

Scott, with regard to stating their opinions, yes it certainly is their right. However, let's take this one step further. What is the motivation to come to a site where you know people overwhelming disagree with you? It is to covert them to your beliefs? Liberals and environmentalists view their beliefs as if it were a religion, and by and large it is for them the case. Try as many of the might to say they don't need God, activism is their belief system.The same holds true for atheists who come to religious or secular sites and proselytize their beliefs. I don't go to environmental sites and try to covert them much, as I don't go to sites that promote polytheism or Greek or Norse mythology. I have better things to do with my time.

I say this because I was talking to a friend who travels to LA for business and was surprised to hear how many of these liberal elites send their children to religious oriented schools. He was surprised since they live in wealthy areas that have good public and secular private schools. Why send them to a religious school, he asked a business associate? "Down deep, you really don't think they believe all of that activist nonsense do you?" That's why they send them to the schools they do." My friend was shocked and asked the gentleman how he knew this? "It is amazing what you can learn talking with a liberal over a few drinks," he was told.

This reminded me of the story told by sympathetic Socialist leaders who have met with Vladimir Putin, as well as leaders of the Chinese government. They were shocked to hear that activist Big Government and Socialism doesn't work. In the case of the Chinese they still call it that, but China is more Capitalistic than most of western Europe. Something to ponder.

I guess if you don't have to worry about how much it cost to put gas i your car or heat your house you are on the list

All the people listed above have left coast attitudes. The left coast makes no sense. You cannot smoke a cigar outside in San Diego or San Francisco. Ask Michael Jordan. Yet they fight new ways to develop clean energy like natural gas. Go play golf in China where you can't see the green from the tee. They and we should be more concerned with radioactive water washing up on their beaches from Japan. Hope the Alaskan king crab doesn't start glowing in the dark. Might make a new meaning for THE DEADLIEST CATCH


Screw them all

you put it all in perspective with just 3 words.  well done.

I'm sorry, but maybe these people lack the intelligence to realize that fracking is strengthening America.  Anyone who does not see this is intellectively deficient or anti-American!!!!!  Thank God Opec can't hold the great USA hostage anymore, and millions of lives will be saved by not having to go to needless oil wars any longer.  These D-List celebrities need to go to Dancing With The Stars which will make them stay relevant, and let America stay strong because of Fracking!!!!!  These are not intelligent, well educated people.


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