The IDEA of "strength in numbers (acres)" is quite apparently agreed upon by many members. Let’s not forget that a portion of those "numbers' will not have a chance at the lease being paid.  Because if your "numbers" are not connected/contiguous to other "numbers" the valve of your numbers are not as appreciated by the potential LESSEE. And an outfit, no matter how financially secure, only has so much capital it is willing to spend/risk on a project.

Hypothetical Question: What if a group of 25,000 acres agrees to sign but only 10,000 of those acres are contiguous, what would be the incentive to pay the remaining 15,000 ac scattered all over the area? After-all, 10,000 ac would be quite enough leasehold to form producing units.

Also remember lawyers are paid directly from the amount of time spent "consulting" with the client(s) board leaders and it is very profitable to drag the process along for themselves. Every time a call/letter/email/fax is addressed concerning the process of your group.....cha ching, time is being billed. Another thing to remember, your area is not the
only area.....rather than drag it out, an outfit (especially a proven profit making producer not a flipper) just may pack in it and move to another more open-minded area and spend their money there. Which would leave your area open for another round of negotiations with another outfit and the much anticipated billed time for your friends at the law firm?

Hope you didn’t have plans for the bonus money anytime soon, yet the possibilities of a royalty check. Don’t worry, that new roof on your house/barn can wait (it isn’t leaking "that bad"). You can always wait for next year’s model of the truck/tractor you were planning on buying.  Paying off those loans can also wait...after all you've been paying on them for
years already. College tuitions can be paid for by the loans you were planning on getting anyhow. Your daughter’s/son's wedding will be fine downsized, their so in love it won’t matter. can do just as good at the local casinos that are closer to home and are popping up everywhere, you can’t afford to take that much time off of work anyhow.

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Finnbear...Even though Im not from OH, Id still like to see those 150 ac unit plats.

They are all on the ODNR website. I'll attach one here for the famed Buell well near Cadiz which is 170 some acres, single lateral. Go to the ODNR well locator page and zoom in on any of the hot counties . Zoom in until you see a well with an arrow indicating a horizontal well bore. Make note of that permit number and go to the ODNR oil and gas well search page here . Drill down to that particular well and the report that comes up will include a link for a .tif file or a .pdf file which contains all the permit info for that well. The well plat is included in that file. You can also go to the ODNR shale development resources page here and look at the recent activity and  weekly permit reports and find the wells that way.


Drill Baby Drill........Wasnt it you who posted about the laterals being fracked (like throwing sand into a fanned book) and referring to those laterals as only recovering about 5%?  I apologize for not being able to find the actual post.....this discussion has gotten all kinds of replies.

I thought you were on the money Nelson !  Do the math with the amount of drilling rig available 

verses the acres . 

I will be thankful for the signing bonus and hopeful for the drilling unit .

Make darn sure you have a IRONCLAD lease protecting you surface for the future generations .

Now that's priceless !!!

How true.....


I once told a landman that wanted me to sign a contract.....bring the pen on the bottom of the drill bit and I'll sign tomorrow.



The point being....having a well drilled sooner than later is in my best interest, and they wouldn't say what timeline they wer looking at.

"...........bring the pen on the bottom of the drill bit and I'll sign tomorrow."  Love it - Hysterical!!  Wish it was ever that easy.  The acquisition(s) of the OGL is just a small part of the process, title abstract and possible curative are in line, all awhile waiting on the permit to be approved by the state and the arrival of the rig(s).  The signing of the OGL allows the OG Co to "consider" those acres, hopefully for/in a producing unit.  BOTTOM LINE.....The process takes time, no-one should believe that a date has been cemented in stone, with your name on it especially for you. 


I have spent some time looking at your posts and everyone of your statements have some sort of conjecture in them that cant be verified, and always have a colorful story highlighting some defficency of everyone else. Except of course Co-Exprise.

Prove it!  and show a copy of 2 leases from Columbiana Co. Ohio. from 2009 one for 100 per acre then one for 1000 per acre.

Please go back and fill in the missing info from your other statement.

A retired couple, (only the devil prays on retirees by the way, because they are easy to take advantage of) with 167 acres in------ Co. you forgot to mention where.

I also don't believe your "Misleading Shell Landman" story line here. it's too hokey it reads like you are spinning yarns on your front porch from a squeaky rocking chair, and it follows like a short story where the conclusion is, be safe or else...join a group...preferably my group.  

I came on here for answers, looks like I am getting them.

Exactly, Schnoozie!!!  Read it will soon realize who is trying to help and those who are feeding you bull to benefit themselves.

I dont have alot of time to pick at these postings but some are filled with so much, "sales-speak".

Like they are walking you down a path with an arguement, and helping you see all the bad sides of the arguement then focusing on the good with a conclusion each time. = join my group.

I have said before noone is drilling anywhere near me right now and I dont see how anyone would be willing to overpay for that privelage of just holding onto my land, it seems foolish.


Schnoozie; I don't appreciate the insinuation that I am lying. All of those are true.

I always tell people to ask around, talk to their neighbors, find a good group or even form their own group. CoX is an option they should consider.

Landmen have a long and dubious history. Other people have posted about their tactics but you choose to ignore them.  You always rail against groups despite many people posting how much they have benefited from them.

I have always wondered if you are actually a landman, related to one, or are in the industry. If you can accuse me of lying than I can question your veracity.

Prove it then,

Show where the lease dollars went from 100 per acre to 1000 per acre in two months. In Columbiana Co. Ohio.

Wherever that is.

More conjecture.

"landmen have a long and duboius history" Long and dubious meaning, throughout all of modern history, or what is going on in our back yard?

I am not a landman, nor am I related to anyone in this industry. I have land in Southern Mercer Co. in Worth Twp.

Guess what Jim, youre a Landman. A "Channel Partner" sounds like someone that sells Amway.

If you live in Mercer Co and don't know where Colombiana Co, Ohio is.......


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