I recommend extrapolating some to the production numbers coming from Columbiana and Jefferson Counties, Ohio as well, found here: http://oilandgas.ohiodnr.gov/production#ARCH1

Good thing about Ohio's reporting is that it shows the number of days of production.  The wells look better when you take into account the actual number of days of production/being on line.  Of course, you'll want to concentrate on their easternmost townships.

Thanks, Todd

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As always - you're leading the way for an honest evaluation. Thanks Todd!

BROWN 36-11-3 10H well by Chesapeake in Brush Creek TWP - Jefferson County, Ohio

615710 mcf over 112 days in 2012 = 5497 mcf/day average

545547 mcf over 132 days in 2013 = 4132 mcf/day average

601860 mcf over 208 days in 2014 for first 3 quarters so far = 2893 mcf/day

Total production to date: 1,763,117 mcf over 452 days averaging 3900 mcf/day

This well produced 112 days in 2012

Zero days 1QTR 2013

44 days 2QTR 2013

46 days 3 QTR 2013

42 days 4 QTR 2013

90 days 1 QTR 2014

90 days 2 QTR 2014

28 days 3 QTR 2014

Interesting Todd, info from you is always good to see.

In the fwiw dept I believe the take away ability of CHK can not be accounted for though. I know that in our area some time ago CHK didn't have enough contracts ahead of production to sell. On e doesn't just call them up and say you have xxxx gas to sell. I believe these contracts are made once a year for commitments down the road. 

The well could be throttled back at any given time during production as well.

The volume for the Tharpe well for the first three months in production in 2012 was 294,201 mcf with BTU rating of 1021.

Sept 2012 122,106  mcf

Oct 2012   149,041   mcf

Nov 2012   24,054    mcf  (throttled way back over 20 some days)


One can never exactly tell what is going on, but you can bet that wells coming online nearby producing wells will be setup the same way as far as actually selling the gas. There were 3 wells near me that were selling gas. At any given time one well of the three was inactive, on a rotational basis. I think this went on for almost a year, not sure though as I don't have all those stubs ; ) 

Another piece in the puzzle tho!

Thought you all would be interested in Southwestern's GIP map on page 7.  Looks like Beaver and Hancock Counties have basically the same GIP trend:


Looks to me like they have only included the Point Pleasant in their Utica GIP calculation based on Range's GIP maps.

Great to see another good company underscore the GIP in our area.

Happy and Healthy New Year to you and your families!


Thank you Todd !   The Very Best to You and your Family in 2015 !  

You're welcome Nancy ~ anytime!
Happy and Healthy New Year to you and your family as well! :-)

I am just getting into this and would love some related websites, etc. to research.

 I have a 78 acre property in Lawrence and Beaver Counties (Enon Valley) .  Anyone know....am I too late?  The last things I see in this area were a year ago.  Anyone know who are the best companies to contact?  What are the current prices?  This looks most recent and it is still several months ago.  Are they similar in Monaca and Enon Valley?


Things have slowed down considerably in the last 2 years. I don't believe anyone is actively leasing right now, but not sure about your immediate area. Dollar/acres for leasing is now 1/4 or less of what it used to be. I've heard $500-$800 per acre in the South Beaver area and that is for property they wanted... and the landowner said no.

I've also heard CHK (Chesapeake) is letting a fair number of leases expire without renewing. There is a small amount of action happening South of the Ohio, but North towards Lawarence county I don't really know much.

When/if the time comes to sign a lease, make dang sure you have a real gas lawyer who knows his stuff.........before you start negotiating to be sure.

Good luck on your journey!

Found a good consolidated resource website with current oil and gas activity from various operators (shale formation specific) along with some cool maps that I'd like to share:
There is quite a bit of information to see without acquiring a membership to the site.

Spud Report for Beaver County 1-1-12 to 2-3-15

19 CHK wells spud

19 Penn Energy wells spud!  *Every Penn Energy well is in Active status.

4 RRC wells spud (all at Noss pad)


Second half of 2014 production numbers released.


They've struck oil in Ohioville! Liberato unit produced 1219.79 bbl of oil over 35 days. It was drilled into the Marcellus. I always heard it was too thin to produce from in our neck of the woods. Shows you can't always believe what they say.

There are 17 wells in the Ohioville, Industry, South Beaver, Chippewa, Brighton area that reported production, compared to 6 for the first half of the year. Liberato is the only well reporting any production that is not gas. Not sure what all formations the wells were drilled to, but I know that at least a few of them were to the Utica.


Thanks for the heads up.

That Liberato 3H well is actually drilled to the Upper Devonian Rhinestreet Shale (see attachment).  That is a considerable amount of oil at 35 bbls per day plus gas of 2430 mcf/day.  I believe that the gas amount includes both dry gas plus wet gas combined in PA.  Is there anyone who can clear the up?  Further, having let that well sit for 3 years after drilling (thereby allowing the pressure to dissipate beyond the 2 month recommendation), this well looks very good to me. 

All of the other Chesapeake wells are drilled to the Utica/Point Pleasant.

That stinks that all of those Penn Energy wells are not producing yet but PA is going to monthly reporting soon.

Thanks, Todd



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