Our lease was originally with Rice in 2012 They sold to Gulfport a couple of years ago. Gulfport has exercised their option to renew the original 5 year lease. Best Case

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The "best case" is that Gulfport renewed for a reason; such as the company plans to include your property in a drilling unit.

My Mom received a letter from Rice Energy stating their intention to extend the primary term of her 2013 lease in Belmont county.


I believe the Rice Energy "Renewal" letters are just a formality as required by the original lease.  We also received a letter, but I believe Rice is simply keeping the option to renew open with no guarantee that they will actually exercise their rights. 

What is your payment due date to actually extend the lease for another term?  I know some S/G leases have slightly different dates and I haven't heard of any member actually receiving a Rice payment yet.   

Our lease was dated 11/30 and Gulfport renewed with a check $$$

1/21/13 was the origination date.

Thanks for the information, I hope that your mother receives a 2nd lease payment!

The property is in northern Richland Township.  I'll post any updates that become available.

Check came in the mail Yesterday.  Great start to 2018.


Congratulations on the good fortune!

My family also received a lease extension payment from Rice Energy right before the holiday. It was nice to have the S/G lease still active and not have to negotiate a new O/G lease.    

Who is S/G?


I was referring to the Smith/Goshen township landowner group lease.


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