Royalties have been paid out. Any info on what the uniy size is? Actual royalties paid? Production amount? Royalty checks recieved and how many acres.

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Looks like 6 wells will be drilled. The unit size is 1163.9 acres. Looks like 3 might be done and producing as far as revised unit permits. As far as royalties I have no clue on that maybe someone will post some numbers but I doubt it.
Not quite sure why people would hold that info... it only helps other owners make intelligent decisions. They can postwith out giving names

I know people who are in units that have been producing for months that haven't received royalty payments yet, but yea, it does seem that that once they do start getting checks,they clam up. Ones that posted on this site,never to be heard from again!.  Maybe they are embarrassed,or disappointed by the low #, or maybe with a high#, they don't want thieves to know about their wealth,or maybe don't want all their old friends and long lost relatives showing up for financial help. Sure would help others on here that could really use that info in their dealings with the gascos,or for future plans.


there is some info on this well in harrison county discussions.........there are 4 well heads at the pad....#2 came on line earlier this month..............#5 came on line in june.......#1 came on line last november and cranked out massive amounts of goods (per the DNR production report) until years seemed to out perform all other wells in the state in 2012 by a huge margin.....#4 (i think) is drilled but not yet on line.

the spacing of the 6 permitted wells is all differrent........kindof like they are testing some completion techniques.

also - the majority of the royalties is going to the state MWCD as they hold most of the acres in the unit............i wonder if that is (or should be) public information.

by the way - the fist leg that came on line last year averaged well over $100,000 per DAY of production for the first 32 days it produced.........even if the unit encompasses all 6 legs at 1200 acres, this particular leg is only draining apprx 200 of those basically, each acre produced $500 every DAY.....@ 15% royalty means $75 per acre per DAY ($2,250 per acre per month)...................of course that would be realized if/when all legs are drilled, and then there are decline curves yada yada.

but damn, those numbers are my math wrong?

I have been wondering the same, we have people telling us that 3 wells with a Bpd average of around 360~ will net us over 300k in the first year, no matter what calculator I use I can't get that number, more dog and pony show I imagine.

the boy scout#1 posted 1,164 bbl/day oil and 3,839mcf/day for its 32 run days at the end of last year........

that is way, way, more than any other well in the state from last year.....

although we have seen some comparable IP's reported this year.......will be interesting to get the production reports next april to see how much all the new wells are producing.

The 2-33H well did 1,308 BOE and the 4-33H did 1,043 BOE and those are in production as well.

The problem is that, without context, BOE is useless information.

They put out the individual numbers I just didn't type it all out. Either way this unit is producing some money for sure. I agree on the BOE as useless most of the time.

Brian, lieu of factual information from actual royalty recipients  ......i would say there have been close to $5 million in royalties paid out on this well(s) to date....that is 11 months on the first leg (if it has been procucing all year) and about 4 months on the 2nd leg.


I promise that if I ever get included in a drilling unit, and I get Royalties, I will post on here how much per acre I am getting. along with the size of the unit, lateral length,amount of wells,%,county,and general location so others can benefit/plan for future, or deal with landmen with the info!


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