Three wells sold in the land of "goat pasture".  Halcon now owns the Buckeye in Hartford, and Two others that sold belong to ??  Only sure of the Buckeye as I drove by there today.  Lennington and Zerovitch perhaps?  Anyone know for sure and who now owns them?  Quite interesting considering all the negativity there has been about the north for a long time.  Snort - care to add some input?  Anyone?

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The only sale showing up so far on the Trumbull County Recorder's site is from BP to Halcon--and was recorded today, October 6th. The document is there for download. I haven't read it yet. I had to open the image with Microsoft viewer.

Looks as if HK bought the Zerovitch well also. See Exhibit A-2 of the agreement.

Can you post the agreement Summer ?

I can't access it from my mobile device.

A PDF might open for me.

Joseph, I cannot open it as a pdf. That's why I had to open it with Windows Photo Viewer. I looked to see if I had options to save it to another format but I can't yet find any. I will try again though and let you know if I am successful. The recorder's number is 201410060019828 if that could help anyone locate it.

Thanks for all your efforts.

It must have been saved by the Recorder's Office as an image file, maybe a tif file?

You may be able to open those with Photoshop if you have it.

Thanks Summer

maybe HK will start fracking with liquid butane.

Sounds  d  a  n g  e  r  o  u  s  but they're accustomed to working with stuff that explodes and burns anyway aren't they ?

They don't call them roughnecks for nothing !

Hats off to the crews.

Can you attach the agreement MJ.

Having difficulty opening from my mobile / tablet.

A PDF might open for me.

Hope this works


Thank you MJ.

Finally able to download and read.

Found reference to a certain 'Letter Agreement' which reads to me to prevail over the 'BillofSale.PDF'  that I was able to download (should there be contradictions between the two).

Anybody able to see / peruse that 'Letter Agreement' ?

I've a feeling that's probably private

Thanks again MJ.


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