Breaking news: funds drying up mineral flippers ...soon out of work

  I was so shocked to read an article about the downsizing of mineral flippers in the Marcellus and Utica region.    The article went on to explain that energy’s CFO states that 85% of the funds have dried up and if current mineral flippers can’t get a contract signed by the end of the month , companys will be forced to issue pink slips.

There will soon be a great vacuum of talented professional flippers that are exiting the shale play in mass numbers. Many of these individuals will go on to solve problems for NASA or invent new EV technologies for mr e. musk.  

It has been such a privilege to be in the presence of such knowledge and wisdom from our member flippers, hate to see you go.       

I hope all of you the best with your future endeavors.   

When do you think company funds will dry up completely and we will no longer have to weed through articles posted by desperate doom and gloom flippers of GMS ?

 Since the energy market is down , will there be additional funds to hire and employer more flippers through the downturn? 

Will companies Start making new flipper applicants pass aptitude, personality profile and assessment tests Prior to being hired?  Will company’s start providing at least sales training 101 for new hires?

Will these same flippers be around and using the same lame marketing tactics on gms in 2020 ?

100% Doom and gloom for Energy market , minerals dead & useless .......sell sell sell

 Would a mineral owner really reach out to these “professional flippers” for help marketing their assets ?  

If you have , do care to comment?

I think there’s a small handful of landmen that work in our region that are honest and good , and for them I say disregard the above.    I know it’s a challenging career and to make things more difficult you have a handful of guys on this site That are  further complicating your efforts by increasing distrust .  

I’d rather read Ron’s Daily discussions on gms vs. any Flipper trolls propaganda on here.    

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Do you have a link to this article? Thanks

When you say mineral flippers, do you mean independent buyers of minerals or gas company hired independent ( outside independent )  land agents working on their behalf?  Independent mineral buyers would buy & resell gas rights to the gas companies.   


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