I know the Buell well production numbers were released last year. Is there a method we can check the numbers as they come out on say a monthly basis? Just curious. Thanks.

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All the Ohio wells will have to release their numbers for state tax purposes the end of March 2012.

How do you get this information?

That's just the way it is and has been in Ohio.  Because of paying taxes, they have to reveal production numbers at that time each year.

What I mean is where is this information available?  Is there a web site?

My understanding is that it will be submitted to the ODNR Mineral Division and be included as additional documentation associated with a particular well in the same public database that we currently use to find information on wells.  I'm not sure if that is the first place that the information will show up though, i.e. whethere it may first be available at some taxation office and then forwarded to the Mineral Division or if it is submitted to M.D. first.  I'm going to ask M.D. exactly how it will occur.

Thank you, please let us know what you find out.

At Mineral Division they said that the numbers should be simultaneously reported to them and the office of taxation.

Do we find them under Completions?

I would think so, but it seems that they usually have information (permits, maps, production numbers) floating around their office for a while before their staff has time to get into the database and it shows up online.

Does anyone know the diameter of the Buell well pipeline?  Are they moving the NGLs by tanker truck or pipeline?

The ~3 mile line from the Buell well to the transmission line to the west is 8" in diameter.  There is no NGL pipeline infrastructure to use, so trucks are draining down the tanks that separate out the oil and and other NGLs.  They have several tanks on the well pad to capture liquids, and a final smaller separation tank just before the 8" taps into the the main line.

Does anyone know how these numbers compare to the first 2 months of the Buell well?

Anadarko Provides Utica Update

HOUSTON, TX, Apr 19, 2012 (MARKETWIRE via COMTEX) --Anadarko Petroleum Corporation (NYSE: APC) today provided an update on its drilling program in the Utica Shale play in eastern Ohio after filing the required production history with Ohio Department of Natural Resources. To date, the company has drilled and is producing from three wells in the Utica Shale, the most recent of which has delivered more than 9,500 barrels of light-gravity crude oil during its first 20 days on line.

"Though it is very early in our exploration program, the strong initial results are encouraging," said Bob Daniels, Anadarko Sr. Vice President, Worldwide Exploration. "We expect to begin flowing back our fourth Utica exploration well in the next few days and are currently drilling our fifth exploration well in the play. We plan to continue an active drilling program throughout the year, as we evaluate the liquids-rich potential of our 390,000-acre (gross) position in the Utica Shale."

Anadarko's Brookfield A-3H well in Noble County has produced approximately 9,500 barrels of oil and approximately 12 million cubic feet (MMcf) of high-BTU (British thermal units) natural gas during its first 20 days on line. The Spencer A-1H and Spencer A-5H wells, located in Guernsey County, have cumulatively produced a combined 20,000 barrels of light-gravity crude oil and 37 MMcf of liquids-rich natural gas in just under two months on line. All three horizontal wells were drilled to a vertical depth of approximately 6,500 feet and a lateral length of about 5,000 feet with 16- to 19-stage completions.


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