I own 375ac of oil and gas rights in Butler County Venango Twp that borders on State Game lands. Does anyone know if there is any leasing going on in this area.

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Thanks for the info I will check it out
Well Rob, I own some land in Parker Twp.And I been lookind at the County of Butler, pennsylvania web site and go under the access of deed site. You can check your neigbors out and see who they signed with. In our neck of the wood it been Atlas and BLX signing everyone around their, with synder Brother and Gastar getting some lease in the middle of it.Good luck on your search.
Larry, if you border the gamelands you might be in a pretty good situation! they like to lease areas next to gameland due to drilling restrictions in gamelands. check game commission site or call them to see if gamelands are due to be leased, they were very helpful to me.
Thanks for your input. I live in Lancaster Pa. I will have to track down web sites for this info.
Thanks Larry I will do a little research.


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