Catastrophic Ohio Methane Leak Stayed Hidden Until a Satellite Found It

Recent news story: "A blowout in Ohio made little news in 2018, but satellite images show it was a major global event. A little-noticed 2018 methane leak at an Exxon Mobil site in Ohio was one of the worst in recent memory, outpacing the methane emissions from the entire oil and gas industries of many countries. The blown well was pumping 132 tons (120 metric tons) of methane into the atmosphere every hour, give or take 35 tons (32 metric tons). That's nearly double the rate of a much more famous leak reported at a SoCalGas site in Aliso Canyon, California, in 2015."

You may recall that during the earlier leak, Aliso Canyon was responsible for 20% of California’s methane emissions, so this Ohio leak had almost twice that rate.

Methane, of course, is 86 times as potent a greenhouse gas as carbon dioxide, so leaks like this are very bad for global warming.

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Ne reply hit the wrong button.

So that's why the sunsets have been so spectacular lately. lol

A major catastrophic event that now one noticed. That makes a lot on sense.

The sky is falling!

This is the reason we have to be so very careful with developing new  industries. Human beings simply do not know what they might release in the way of their it gas or oil exploration or new processes in the chemical or medical world!

Granddad Ladd

We do need a bit of humor in these postings once in awhile. But fact remains, human beings need to be very careful of what we do concerning of how and what  we do that could change our survivability!  "IE",  Medical practices for one and disposing of things we no longer need!

Granddad Ladd

Grandad, Completely agree. The point is that most individuals and industries are doing a stellar job protecting the environment. Some environmental religious zealots assume an amusing dystopian attitude. Scientic opinion is just that, opinion. Words spoken by scientists are not always scientific yet often adopted as faith.


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