I have a 5 year  lease with the option to renew for a another 3 years with Chesapeake due to expire on 10/9/2015. I just received a  card yesterday from the mail man stating that I have a certified letter from Chesapeake waiting at the post office. Any ideas what it may be about? Possibly a check to renew the lease?

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 I got a check from Chesapeak 3 days before my lease was to run out.

I was paid on Friday by Chesapeake. My lease expires today.

Good Luck, Jim.  We're in Brighton Township, Beaver County,  PA, and they opted not to renew as of August 30, 2015.  Where are you located?  BTW, we have never received anything in writing, and if I didn't call them, I wouldn't have known.

It was a check. I am in northern Columbiana county

Thanks for the heads up Jim.

Best of luck.

B Jones - did they file a release of your lease at the courthouse?  If the lease (or memorandum) they initially recorded indicates the lessee has the option to renew, there's going to be a cloud on your title unless they file a release.  It won't really matter until you try to lease your property again -- the next company you lease with probably won't be able to pay you unless the prior lease is officially released.

What county and township are you in?

I am in Northern Jefferson County and was renewed on Friday.

I am in Butler township, columbiana county,  ohio. Real close to the mahoning county line.


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