I have a 5 year  lease with the option to renew for a another 3 years with Chesapeake due to expire on 10/9/2015. I just received a  card yesterday from the mail man stating that I have a certified letter from Chesapeake waiting at the post office. Any ideas what it may be about? Possibly a check to renew the lease?

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Just got a check to renew mine. They have another 5 years now. No royalties yet and as far as I know not in a unit. I have had several offers to buy out the lease. If the offers are good enough I might sellout. But, looking forward to the day we become part of a unit and the royalties start.

Anyone heard what's going on in Harrison County.

CHK finished the Sadie pad in eastern Archer Twp. this summer and has been conducting seismic surveys and obtaining water line  ROWs.  Their landman says drilling starts in November.  That's all I know about.

People being renewed in center township, columbiana county.
They went right to the last day.

Since the per acre lease amounts have increased in the past five years, has anybody tried to negotiate a new lease instead of renewing the old one at the same rate? Just wondering.


if  you have a 5 and 5 lease you can not renegotiate the lease you are locked in to original lease agreement from 5 years ago   only way to renegotiate would be if original lease is not renewed ............and if that happens your acreage must not be worth releasing so good luck

Might just be that the gas company thinks they can get a better deal with you if they let the original lease expire??

That sounds possible too.

Funny how it seems to work out that there's always leverage available to the lessee and very rarely to the lessor isn't it ?

By design perhaps ?
Lessor has all the leverage until they "sign it away". Those leasing budgets are getting real lean at these below production prices.
Time will fix the low prices. Biggest question is how many companies will survive. If there is less competitive bidding (1 company), the Lease terms will suck!! When dust settles on this overproduction and mid to small operators are squeezed out prices will go high for years. The process will start again. Even the big boys are getting downgraded on this downswing.
The larger the down, the longer the high prices will last. When rigs start getting scrapped and leasing is almost nonexistent the bottom is in. Than will be the time to buy HBP leases. That's the " Blood in the Street's " investment strategy.
I'm thinking these days (considering forced pooling rules) even the unsigned land / mineral owner / potential lessor has seriously diminished leverage (if any at all). It seems to me (pending existing leases / lands HBP) it may work out to a take it or leave it circumstance.

Same goes for those who are leased (should forced unitization be applied / invoked).

Judging from all the negative discussions folks are posting / replying to these days - lease terms already suck.

Hoping better days are ahead for all of us.

Like I keep writing - good luck to all of us as I still think we need it - leased or un-leased.

The renewal terms will be in your original lease. Only if they choose not to renew it will you be able to renegoiate with someone else



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