Chesapeake Energy fined $2.1M for underreporting gas on tribal lands

Chesapeake Energy fined $2.1M for underreporting gas on tribal lands

Oct 20 2015, 16:58 ET | About: Chesapeake Energy Corporation (CHK) | By: Carl Surran, SA News Editor

Chesapeake Energy (NYSE:CHK) is fined $2.1M by the U.S. Department of the Interior for failing to comply with a 2011 order that found "repeated, systematic errors" in the company’s reporting of the amount of natural gas it produced and sold from more than 100 leases on American Indian tribal land.

In May 2012, CHK said it had submitted all the corrections required by the 2011 order, but the government's follow-up testing found additional underreported volumes; CHK corrected those items in 2013, but further reviews still found uncorrected data.

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Ha, My first thought was...gee, wonder how much CHK 'under' reports for Ohio land owners?

SIOUX INDIANS have stopped the XL the USA..

Remember that PHOTO OPP with Obama and the SIOUX Indians....?

They told him to "SHOVE IT"    :)

Indians in Canada have stopped the pipelines up there...

Also the Navajo RAN McCain off their lands last month because of the

GOLD MINE SPILL that contaminated their water supply for Farming...

John McCain is trying to pass a bill that will take WATER from the Navajo Nation and give

it to a Chinese Copper mine company.. that took over the Copper Mine on Tribal land..

GOOGLE .. McCain ran off reservation.. it is FUNEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

They LITERAL physically... chased him out of the area....!!!!!!!!!!

Govt just wont leave those Indians alone...

ASK the Pine Ridge Indians how that Govt Health care plan  worked for them....

Some Chocktaw Indians in Oklahoma are MULTI MILLIONAIRS  THO..   :) from Oil leases

Wow, that had to be an error of some type to allow Indians to receive a fair royalty. I thought they were US Land Owners and Citizens like us.

There goes the Honor System of reporting well production volumes to the ODNR for CHK.

Well, they only did it once, maybe we can trust them.

They may only cheat Indians and dairy farmers as a rule.

Simply out of curiosity.....2.1 mil is hardly noticeable to the 'companies.' Business as usual, as it seems the 'policy is continuing.

More curiosity....What do the feds do with the monies received from the fines? Wouldn't it be a fine gesture to share it with the folks who have been wronged? 

I wonder how much they will be fined for stealing all of the NGLs where they have drilled in the Appalachian Basin.

Chesapeake Energy are nothing but crooks with ties who have stolen and held back royalties from landowners in NEPA ( and probably other places ) yet No state officials seem to big on the ball enough to stop what goes on .!They even threatened to bill landowners for supposed costs beyond what they receive from NG dealings ....!

 I am certain we are victims of the same errors as well. O dear God why can't people be honest and stop trying to steal from others.  My poor husband is 100% permanently disabled Viet Nam Combat Veteran it would be so nice for him to be at peace over this. He was thinking gee now we can be comfortable and have some extra money...NOT.

Robin, please thank your husband for his service to our country.....our family greatly appreciates it


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