It is my understanding that Chesapeake is not paying royalty payments this month for most of Bradford and Sullivan Counties.  No statements, company line, costs were greater than production, landowner owes us money.

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A prompt, courteous reply that essentially says we are stealing your gas is not comforting and certainly not acceptable.

Are you unhappy because someone is stealing gas from you?, I'll give you some of mine for free to compensate you.....just pull my finger

I bet the executives are getting paid, though.

As they you have a CLUE what doug Lawler has accomplished to you understand the absolute mess Aubrey left the company in?.....Lawler and his crew are as good as they come in this industry.....he saved chk from he's earned his money

do you have a CLUE what doug Lawler has accomplished to date....

Ash, tell us what he did. 

You're not remotely qualified to say if something was effective or not, so this should be good for laughs.

Didn't you get kicked off this site for being a bird/hare brained loud mouth?

I remember reading somewhere that Doug Lawler was paid over 15 million last year. Looks like he is avoiding bankruptcy from landowners up,not from the top down.

Reading all the discussion there seem to be a number of apologists for the actions of the company. Lacking from the discussions is fairness. Assurances to leaseholders have not been met and in fact are altered without explanation. There is no explanation as to how expenses are calculated and there is a lack of transparency.

We are treated as partners in our units by being charged expenses and as pesky flys when we question expenses and how they are calculated. My suspicion is that expenses vary from lease to lease within a unit based on what we included in our addendums.

If we are partners, as expenses indicate, then we need to be at the table when it comes to expense cost and see the contracts for those obligations. If we are merely providing our resource then we are part of their expenses and we are not obligated to reduce our income to support their bottom line. Companies which have supply and service contracts with energy companies do not have clauses which have a sliding scale clause based on the energy companies profit/losses.

The IRS does not recognize us as partners and will deny leaseholders the depletion allowance deduction as a result. And this final fact is why these cases are in court.

Better call for a waaaaaaaaaaaambulance

Harry is that you Danny ?
I thought you got kicked off this forum for name calling etc . ?

Danny who? Did I call you any names?....don't know what you're talking about friend.

Harry/Danny: You might want to review this:

Received my royalty check the first week of this month. No deduction lease. Paid $1.08 for March gas.


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