I just received a Google alert that said Chesapeake has posted on their company website that two wells ( shaw and Burdgett) are producing an average of 700 barrels each day.

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Hello everyone, I'm the landowner that the Shaw 5H well pad sits on and have 24.2 acres in the production unit or 15.22 % of the production unit.

Currently the production unit is 159 acres and only the 5H lateral has been drilled to date.

These are the first results I have seen to date, because CHK is very tight lip about anything that goes on.

The Burgett 8H well is approx 160 acres also and only has one leg drilled to date.

Interesting times to live in the area.

I belive the Burgett well is 206.6 acres.


Bryan.....are you happy about they way your land is being used as the drilling pad?

Congratulations Bryan! 

Thanks Bill


I don't mean to get too personal or ask you to divulge too much of your financial dealings, but is there anyway you can give an idea as to what royalties really amount to on a well like this?  I always hear numbers thrown around for what royalties amount to but have never heard it directly from someone receiving the royalty check.





That’s a great question, and I could answer it a lot of ways.

Let me say this, CHK has been awesome with regards to safety, quality of development, cleanup and maintenance etc,  and I couldn’t have asked or expected anything better, they really operate at a very high level.


The pad encompasses about five acres, and that land is gone as far as my use, probably forever, but I was compensated, and one could argue was it enough.


To drill they have to have some surface disturbance or nobody would benefit, so I’m fine with what has taken place. I wouldn’t run out and jump at the chance to get a well pad, the key is getting included in the production unit.


Can you please share with us the "turn around time" on your well?

From the time they put in your pipeline to production?

Thank you!


Bryan, I applaud you for sharing with us here...   this site needs more of the actual lessors showing up and sharing important info about the production process and exactly what is happening.  I enjoyed reading your posts here.   You see when the lease was done...there wasn't questions about how many acres does a pad use and how wide the timber would be cut for a road, etc....and surely the lease contracts today are much better than what they gave some in the past even up to 2010.

Pls tell if you will was the pipeline in right away when they did the drill pad?   did you have to wait very long for the production after the pipeline was constructed? In fact were they getting production before the pipelines (as in using trucks to haul it off?).   Some of us here are waiting for the pipelines though the land is in a unit already...and I wonder if they are making production even though no pipeline...and if they are how would we know?

According to the documents recorded with Carroll County the Burgett 8H production unit size is 159.4530104 (everthing changes, but this is what was recorded on 6/17/2011)

It includes around 10 differant property owners in the unit.


All this data is available online.

Bryan, Thanks for sharing quality information with all of us, and good luck with your future royalties.


Is this a lot? or medium production???? or what?

Novice question but how does one know when the group they are part of has an active well? Will you be notified or does a check just arrive one day? Waiting for the bonus payment we had our eyes out (obviously) otherwise we might have missed the innocuous white envelope mixed among the junk mail. It was exciting and much appreciated but also kind of funny. 


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