With some leases starting to expire in 3-4 months just curious if anyone has heard of chesapeake renewing leases?  Thanks jimmy

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I was renewed last month by Chesapeake just outside Cadiz

do you mind telling me what month your lease was due to expire?

I originally signed in July and they had 90 days and I was paid in October 2010. I received my renewal bonus in June 2015

How much are they currently paying per acre to renew

call CHK see what they say

Called them yesterday. Said they did not know? Told me to call back few weeks before lease expires which is Jan 2. Shortcreek Township

A friend of mine in Short Creek twp. whose lease was going to expire in September just got a check to renew this week.  My lease on my property in Green twp. is set to expire in October and the Chesapeake landman told me they definitely would renew.  Chesapeake is building the Sadie pad on Hanover Ridge Rd., so they are still active here in Harrison County.

shortcreek and green twps - not much development yet there......so if they are renewing there then they will likely renew most of Harrison cty.

Does anyone have any thoughts on the big ALOV lease that will be expiring in April?  There were masses that signed with Chesapeake on that specific lease from multiple counties.  Think they will be renewing for all those that did not get drilled???

I think it depends on exact location.........I would say yes for most of Harrison county......... they got a pretty good deal on that 2011 ALOV signing.......but it is only a 3 year extension - so they may try to renegotiate new leases in some less desirable areas  

We are in Mahoning county, near Columbiana border and have heard nothing. Lease expires in Feb.

Any thoughts on renewing leases in Portage County?


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