Chevron has acquired a permit to drill a horz. well in Jefferson Twp. Well to be located on Charleston Road at the McCullough farm. From Route 62 turn north and farm is located at the corner of Charleston Road and McCullough Roads. Survey markers on the west side of the road as you approach McCullough road. Chevron people tell me they are going to drill 2 wells at this site. Waiting on 2nd permit. Chevron said that they will start in late summer to finish up the wells in East Lack. township. Fracking has been completed and they will "clean" the wells and place them on line. Future plans include POSSIBLE sites in Jackson Twp and Findley Twp. as per Chevron information. They also said everything is in the exploratory stage for Mercer County.

    Neighbors to the Palmer well in Fairview Twp. stated that Shell will run a temporary water line from Lake Latonka to the well site for fracking the well when it is complete. That scales out to be approx. a 3 mile water line!!


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I Live in florida, so I guess twp. means Ohio? Name distance from a town that is on a map. Thanks.

Nope, Pennsylvania, Mercer County, Jefferson Township(Twp)  Location is approximately 8.5 miles WNW of Mercer, PA


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