Gov. Tom Wolf asked to investigate possible link between PA fracking, childhood cancers

"More than 100 organizations and 800 individuals have signed a public letter to Gov. Tom Wolf calling on him to direct the state Department of Health to investigate potential links between shale gas development and a proliferation of childhood cancers. ...

Emily Wurth helped lead the letter writing effort and said the broad-based support for examination of health impacts of shale gas development was prompted by the ongoing Pittsburgh Post-Gazette series “Human toll: Risk and exposure in the gas lands.” (

Stories in the Post-Gazette series document up to 67 cases of childhood and young adult cancers in Washington, Greene, Fayette and Westmoreland counties where shale gas operations are active. The total includes 27 cases of Ewing sarcoma, a rare bone cancer."


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Any professional with a science degree is required to consider ALL possibilities, and they also have a basic creed to follow, to ensure the research/testing continues.....'correlation is not causation'....dangerous to assume one knows the answer in this case, because it is likely the 'science is NOT settled'.

Funny, CARP.  I bet she was pro-abortion too. After already been born!

These types of horrifically dramatic stories are more signs of the growing desperation from anti hydrocarbon sources.

To use the tragic plight of ill youngsters in a cynical strategy of furthering a political  agenda is absolutely reprehensible.

In a somewhat unrelated. vein, I strongly recommend readers brush up on the recent, scientifically grounded work that is demolishing this entire Globull Warming scam.

Research just released from NASA'S  Ames Research Center validates the solar magnetic field work of Dr. Valentina Zharkova which irrefutably describes the imminent Grand  Solar Minimum.

Unlike the ever-changing "computer models" of Climate Alarmists, Zharkova and Irina Kitiashvili are accurately anticipating what we are currently experiencing.

The faster and farther that this info is spread, the sooner we can all put this mass psychosis of Alarmism behind us.

All of there info comes from computer models that they feed the data into.There controlling the fake news.

Diesel they say is a big culprit

Yep and no cancer then it seems to increase yearly

From an op-ed on this topic:

"You don’t need to wait for a fire to know that an unplugged smoke alarm is risky: so it is with public health and drilling shale for natural gas, or fracking, in our rural Pennsylvanian communities. ... Fracking is profitable, not because it is the future, but because it is unregulated. We are only hurting ourselves by scaling up unsafe technology."


Fracking does not need to be linked to cancer to ban it in Pennsylvania

Hey Paul , how do you heat your house ?  Are you typing on a plastic computer ? What kind of car do you drive ? 

 Eat Farm products ? was stated in an earlier post; please don't cite Op-Eds for your 'science'.....they won't fly here. How about some real science?

Key word in the Op-Ed is "opinion". Reminds me a lot of the old China Syndrome hype, and now Gasland. Not buying it. If all the pollution from the dumping for years from the steel mills didn't cause a multitude of health issues, then fracking thousands of feet below the ground is no worse. Tired of every time I turn on the TV, something else is causing cancer or some terrible condition or ailment; only for them to reverse the findings a decade later. Lay babies on their bellies - 10 yrs later, on their sides - now, on their backs. Coffee is bad for you - now 2 cups a day is good for you. Bacon is bad - wait bacon is OK. Red wine is great for your heart. It goes on and on. Fracking is one of the tightest regulated activity out there today. Let's read some data on the dangers of turbo windmills or - ooooh, electric car batteries. How about the danger of LED bulbs? Chicken Little would be right at home in society today, only with an agenda.

Well said


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