How can a landowner be sure their lease stays with a USA domestic oil and gas company ?

What can landowners do to make sure their lease stays with a US domestic oil and gas company?


We need to make sure our precious domestic American oil and gas isn't owned and controlled by any foreign country, especially those with evidence of hostility towards America.


Generations of American have been violently manipulated by the international organizations which control the supply of oil. America has fallen to #2 while China has risen to #1 in global economics. Americans are suffering from long term financial stress and many little hope for economic and social recovery. Yet, we find we are sitting on the largest, most valuable oil and gas reserves in the world!


Generations of Americans have had to submit by paying a high price when our government decides to fight wars over foreign oil, government pay-offs to terrorists and warlords in exchange for fewer attacks on foreign supply lines,


Oil prices affect every American at the gas pump, at the grocery store, and for all goods and services we use every day.


Recently,  huge reserves of domestic oil and gas have been discovered in America!

According to production reports the oil and gas find in the North Eastern United States is larger than anything we've ever seen, including everything in the Middle East!


According to the 2 largest producing wells in the US are currently reported to be located in Monroe County, Ohio and in Harrison County, Ohio.


The potential economic and social benefits of this discovery is America's only hope for survival as a nation. Domestic oil and gas production controlled by Americans will mean businesses and jobs for Americans, stable income for Americans, increased funding for social programs, and a stronger stable nation.  We wouldn't need to participate in wars over foreign oil, we could finally bring our troops home, and have good paying jobs for all Americans.



Domestic oil and gas, if managed properly, gives our nation the opportunity to be self-sustaining and finally cut ties with the foreign entities which so easily manipulate us with foreign oil. 


It is very alarming to hear that Chesapeake and others intend to sell out to Communist China.


As China negotiates to buy Chesapeake, our government remains oblivious and uninvolved.


No one has stepped up to make sure these desperate deals made by CEO's will not harm American citizens!


What laws and regulations exist which protect American citizens, American natural resources, (oil, gas, water, uranium, etc) and America's vital infrastructure from being purchased, controlled and manipulated by potentially hostile

foreign entities?


Another concern is that many landowners were told that the lease was for oil and gas, but the actual lease is for ALL minerals from the surface to the center of the earth. This includes Uranium or Throium or other Radioactive components. If the leases are sold to China, they could inherit the rights to radioactive materials, as well. 


What legal action can be taken by landowners to change the current contracts or leases to indicate they do not want their property to fall under control of a foreign nation ?


What can the Governor of Ohio do to protect Ohio residents who sold their mineral rights to Chesapeake and others who may act with wreckless disregard for the landowners and the nations best interest?


Will  Gov. Kasich create regulations which prevent foreign countries from manipulating our very own oil and gas supplies against Ohio residents?


What provisions should landowners include in future contracts to prevent the sale or transfer of their lease to a communist controlled country such as China or any organization with hostile intent towards America?




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Hi 771KS...   I worked on getting some answers for you...did you read my above post (about the mineral clauses in the leases).   I also am sharing with if you would pls ignore those that want to insult and mock and keep on sharing with us that want to work this discussion as you said 

I am seeking information, so my family can make the best decisions.

Then pls respond to ignoring the disputations that are not easily won because of the reasons they are doing the insults...and concentrate on seeking to speak with those who do want to discover and share this info.   Maturity shows in these posts as we learn to get along and still share...but also it will reveal immaturity too when members break the rules of the discussion group website.

as far as item 1 on your list.... I cannot find so far with research (and I have been looking for several years since 2010 when I posted the discussion 'assigns clause and a global marketplace"...and so far no one else has found any criteria that the government has in place for foreign purchases of gas and oil companies and even leases.   But in a post on this discussion further down I posted the info about what I found at the FTC website.  Pls take a look.

As far as item #2 on your above list...I do not see a question...just the same concern as I and others here have regarding what scrutiny is needed about all of this which is also part of your concern in item #1.

I answered your question in item #3 regarding such by posting the assigns clause on some is entirely assignable over and over again except if the oil company did a contract with the foreign investor  that would prohibit...but I doubt they did.  This is the great concern as those leases  are in existance and there are thousands and thousands of them.  That post is also above with the lease clause.  

You were busy responding to some mocking posts so I suppose you missed my comments that I spent many hours making here....hope you read them.   I spent most my day today writing on these discussions for I consider them very worthy subjects of discussion and pertinant to be responded to right away by our government.   Whether a mind is little or large...this subject is crucial to discuss, even the minerals you are concerned about were worth researching as I had no idea about such before you mentioned it.  We, as Lessors, need to understand our lease contracts and that is why we have met here at this continue to look for other Lessors like myself who want to share and learn and just ignore replying to the mockers.

since 2010...this has been a burden to find others to discuss this and see if they also can realize just how vulnerable this country is with all this gas and oil leasing being done in haste..

well stated 771KS...and definitely good questions for someone in authority to look into...   like in the other discussion about this subject we also stated that in New York there is a recall of we know that it is possible for our government to make decisions to do something to make changes when appropriate....and certainly a flimsy 'assigns' clause on each Lessor's lease is a vulnerability that was initially overlooked...and is still  a great vulnerability of our country in having foreigners in ownership of perhaps all our natural gas resources and whatever is listed on those leases.


when the Chinese government makes energy deals on Chinese land with Exxon, Chevron, CHK, etc....  "The greedy American corporations trying to steal their resources"? 

Tell me do you know if any US companies own oil companies and /or leases in China or even pipelines??  I don't think so.   They have rules and even the people that have the lands I hear do not even get to collect royalties.   They have joint ventures with capital exchange and maybe favors...but I do not know of any company in America holding leases in China with the landowners , do you?  pls tell if you do.   They may have investment companies such as Global Infrastructure Partners...buying up infrastructure there in China...but do you know of any?


Can you imagine Chevron or Chief Oil company or even Chesapeake sending landagents across China to lease the natural resources of natural gas, oil, and minerals?   can you visualize that?  How about North Korea or Iran or even EGypt or Israel?  

Now can you imagine China's Sinopec (or even Saudi Aramco ) sending Chinese or even US employees to the lands in the Marcellus and Utica  as landagents signing up landowners on leases?  and the landowners know they are now doing business with a non USA company (unless it is a citizen of the USA I don't know) from China and not even sure how that would go in any court of law if there was any problems in getting the leases to work out?    This is what I we as Americans have a system for such....did our US companies go to China and Saudi and India and sign leases with the natives of those lands ...or with their governments?   Does anyone know...pls share.   Do you think that Chesapeake was actually used as a front for foreign investors to obtain the leases as the USa is only one country that I know of that the landowners do the leasing of their natural if a foreign country is allowed on US soil to obtain leases for a corporation in China...I haven't heard of such Chesapeake was indeed useful.

Tell me who in the USA is buying the talk that if we start utilizing our natural gas reserves in this country we will be less dependent on the Saudis?   the same Chinese company is in business with the Saudis just like some of our own USA corporations are, what makes you think that the Saudis aren't investing also in the Marcellus?   (i am not saying that there is anything wrong with that...just that we in America should know that our natural resources are being bought out by other countries.... read this info:

one of the other discussions here about this subject:

seriously man, are you stupid or something?

Nah, I prefer to comment....And reading the title told me all I need to know about the contents of that post.....Do all you farmers wrap yourself in a flag every day?  You probably support Cheney's water boarding excuse.

here is an article about the way of life in china...the people there do not own their real estate (land)...they pay the state for the right to 'use' it.   Sorta like a lease of rental...but not like we have in the USA in 'ownership'.   So when the Chinese buy up more property here in the USA they actually are getting mortgages or deeds...for owning rather than paying for 'use'...but they are the government of China so they are used to owning all the property in China.

an exerpt:

Ownership of land is somewhat more complicated as the transition to a mode of ownership like the common law "fee" is not yet complete.Theoretically, all land continues to belong to the state or collective organizations. The Chinese government has created a market in land by creating a system of usage rights in specified properties that can be acquired by private owners and investors. An individual can acquire "usage rights" in land from the government for various periods, depending upon how the land will be used. For example, a usage right to land dedicated to residential purposes usually has a term of 70 years.

another interesting to read is this 2008 article on foreign investors buying america...

and this is a list of info of what is required to invest in China ...from the website of the FTC (Fed. TRade commission of the USA)..

the list includes other countries as well...

you see China and other countries have guidelines to protect their state/nation from other countries just coming in and having a shopping spree...   I haven't found what guidelines the USA has yet...though I have looked online...anyone else doing this research?

I am sorry that some do not understand the concern...but they perhaps didn't experience most likely watching their WWII dads suffering from war wounds while growing dad lost an eye in that battle when Hitler tried to take over the infrastructures of the world...   someone else here may have even lost their dad entirely.   So maybe some might remember the early days of the 1950's when America was really prospering after the war days..when the USA went out and shared all that new technology with all as many countries as they could.   Our men and women in the service coming home from Iraq may understand the need for more control over the purchases of comglomerates here in the USA by foreign entities or governments than most of Americans do.

You know how some say in the USA that we shouldn't mix religion with politics?   well in many other countries the politics is the religion...not separate.   In Islamic countries it is REQUIRED to go to prayer daily no matter what you are bow down and is REQUIRED to go to pilgrimages..   In CHINA it is REQUIRED to honor the state/republic not like the honor that some show here in the USA to our state government...No, not at all like that.  ...then again there were changes to the China Constitution in 2004 for 'human rights' so things are changing perhaps for the better.

So if it doesn't matter to you if any of these countries have a stronghold on our national resources, businesses, homes, etc.   soon they will be in politics...will it matter then to you?  

it would be too late then, you can only hope that the mix might come off with some one really defining, 'one nation under GOD' but which GOD? or no GOD?   since the USA is getting used to printing their own money when needed...perhaps they will make selections for different bills to say different statements (such as one dollar saying no god, another the people's republic of china, another saying 'one nation under GOD', and maybe a new one, 'one nation under GOD and His Son Christ Jesus'..    Still say it doesn't make a difference?   In malyasia they have different court systems by religion, really.   And in Egypt they may not even have Christians anymore if the new Pres. doesn't make it fair for all over there.   Yes, it does make a you think sharing the monies for profit will overcome that difference?

  I salute you that understand.

So I see that the Chinese are not the only communist entity that suppresses free speech... it appears that this site does as well.  You guys have fun with your obtuse views of the world and how you perceive reality.

Just accept the fact and you'll find peace in your heart - our government has sold the U.S. of A. out and now we're slaves to China :-)


Remember...............eventually all great empires fall.  Babylonian, Persian, Egyptian, Roman, Spanish, British, Russian, and now it's out time.  Time for China and India.  Just the natural progression of the world.

Natural Gas is just at the beginnings of its infancy in America...   Is the builder selling the house 'pre-construction' to a foreign entity?

I just watched this news interview with T. Boone Pickens just last night on Fox news...Watch the video and listen to the talk of why we in the USA will profit and then remember that Chesapeake gas/oil company is contemplating selling to the Chinese...and the Chinese work closely with OPEC  (inc. Saudi)

 over and over again he states that with the USA investing in our own natural resources of Natural gas that we will become weaned off dependency off foreign oil ...and therefore foreign countries.   Now at this same time in a recent interview between Fox and him there are possibly pending sales of one of America's natural gas companies (one of the largest in natural gas holdings) being sold to China?   how is that relating to T. Boone Pickens statement of 'getting off foreign oil dependency' only to be having foreign companies owning our holdings of natural gas resources???   someone tell me this realistic?   cause meanwhile Pickens and others have convinced our nations state governments to get involved with changing the fleet of vehicles modified for natural gas and to install natural gas service stations...this is tax payer dollars going to that conversion.   Here is the info for Pa. state...

  I do not think that it is wrong to convert to natural gas...but it is very misleading to convince them to do so because of a statement that it will make USA more energy efficient of its own and thereby increasing profits for our USA when actully the sales of the holdings will not make America independent and possibly could cost more.  In fact ...maybe that is the reason that China is buying up the oil/gas infrastructure is that they know it is in its infancy cause when you think about the monies that can be made once the conversion is done and the service stations are equipped...why they would be paying peanuts for the infrastructure now.

good example Steve...

but you are using an example of a company (a big one ) that retails 'manmade products' that can be exchanged , made, transferred, etc. from just about anywhere on the planet.

We are discussing NATURAL RESOURCES IN THE SHALE AND LANDS OF OUR USA that cannot be made again in the same location unless the dinosaurs are made again and then centuries later become extinct to become our fossil fuels.  Once that sale of our leases persay and the facilites that remove/extract these fossil fuels (and other minerals) is handed over to foreign countries to OWN not just lease or just own stock in...OWN...then they rule over what is extracted from these resources perhaps forever..and to whomever they wish to sell them.   We effectively would be dependent on them producing our fossil fuels from our own land so we could buy them from them or whoever they sell them to.

walmart a good example but not the same as the Republic of China or Saudi owning our natural resources that cannot be made again in our lifetimes here on earth.  Now if you told me that Walmart bought out every retail market in the USA ..even though a USA corporation then they would be scrutinized by the FTC for doing such as AT&T was in the divesture of 1982 for the same reasons that AT&T had to divide up.  You may be too young to know of here is the why in the 'effects'.  It was a very big change for the USA which led to the diversity of the telecomm field as we have today...but still I am not sure if anyone would want our government telecomm lines bought by the Chinese..which also could go up for sale if times get rough.  I am not kidding... the fiber lines, the satellite systems, the microwave stations...they are the infrastructure of the government of the USA but they started out as rentals from AT&T til they made their own.   I do not think that we will get to that point hopefully..but if the country is in debt to China (which is one of the countries we owe)...then deals are made for assets if no payment or agreement.

so if you know that a foreign country is using their monies to start buying up infrastructure that supports a majority of humans (and the natural gas infrastructure is still in its infancy).....and there is reason to believe that they are doing such....then it is worthy to discuss, scrutinize all the options and future...and do something if it will be a national concern for many.

 By not doing anything to even discuss it...leaves too much vulnerability.   some of you here keep mentioning about it is ok...nothing wrong with it... but today you only have USA military bases...yet in some countries the USA has military bases....what if China wants to put a military base on property they purchase it a 'free enterprise?"  how do feel about that?  how does our government determine what a non-citizen or country can purchase over here without discussion? perhaps that is why we have so many problems...people are afraid to discuss what they need to discuss.

Pls read my posts as I have put some info about China's policies also on the other discussion called Sinopec (china) purchasing Chesapeake?

  It is that China does not allow ownership of their lands or resources (only rentals as if owned in what they call 'usage' sales and investement sales under their approval).  

If this discussion for some is not worthwhile why continue to post it isn;t...why not just go eat dinner or something?  I happen to think that it is very worthwhile and some others here do also.  Evidentally it may be what some of those who have mocked want to learn about...or they wouldn't be coming back to post again.  it is good to discuss it.

Since you continue to dodge the elephant in the room I will post this for you yet again...

 I ask you what it is you think China is going to do with natural gas produced in either PA or OH... other than sell it to the same people that CHK, Cabot, Chief, Range, Williams, Consol, etc sell it to.  Do you seriously believe the Chinese are going to fill up giant blimps and float the gas overseas???  All I have heard you state is some inane thought that they are going to "reserve it"...what the heck does that even mean??? Really, they buy short term leases that will expire, they don't drill and produce gas from the leases.  They just plop down billions with no expectation of a return on investment.  Not realistic in any universe.

Either answer the question or cease this moronic line of discussion.

Jim, just read the posts at the discussion..Instead of me repeating it over and over again..

some have been too busy mocking instead of respecting one another's posting and taking the time to read it.  i read yours...and I must say I am glad to see you sharing again but even in your above post you feel like insulting the discussion by calling it 'moronic'?

I am trying to get some info to the landowners of the Marcellus and the USA...this is important topic...for me to spend all this time having to explain and then see such a statement of 'moronic'? come on...let's be fair.  If you are interested in having a good discussion fine...but stop the insults...and who are you to tell another member to stop the line of discussion here?   (look what you are calling this discussion)...or maybe it is a slang word to you but clearly it does not fit any member's contribution here.


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