How can a landowner be sure their lease stays with a USA domestic oil and gas company ?

What can landowners do to make sure their lease stays with a US domestic oil and gas company?


We need to make sure our precious domestic American oil and gas isn't owned and controlled by any foreign country, especially those with evidence of hostility towards America.


Generations of American have been violently manipulated by the international organizations which control the supply of oil. America has fallen to #2 while China has risen to #1 in global economics. Americans are suffering from long term financial stress and many little hope for economic and social recovery. Yet, we find we are sitting on the largest, most valuable oil and gas reserves in the world!


Generations of Americans have had to submit by paying a high price when our government decides to fight wars over foreign oil, government pay-offs to terrorists and warlords in exchange for fewer attacks on foreign supply lines,


Oil prices affect every American at the gas pump, at the grocery store, and for all goods and services we use every day.


Recently,  huge reserves of domestic oil and gas have been discovered in America!

According to production reports the oil and gas find in the North Eastern United States is larger than anything we've ever seen, including everything in the Middle East!


According to the 2 largest producing wells in the US are currently reported to be located in Monroe County, Ohio and in Harrison County, Ohio.


The potential economic and social benefits of this discovery is America's only hope for survival as a nation. Domestic oil and gas production controlled by Americans will mean businesses and jobs for Americans, stable income for Americans, increased funding for social programs, and a stronger stable nation.  We wouldn't need to participate in wars over foreign oil, we could finally bring our troops home, and have good paying jobs for all Americans.



Domestic oil and gas, if managed properly, gives our nation the opportunity to be self-sustaining and finally cut ties with the foreign entities which so easily manipulate us with foreign oil. 


It is very alarming to hear that Chesapeake and others intend to sell out to Communist China.


As China negotiates to buy Chesapeake, our government remains oblivious and uninvolved.


No one has stepped up to make sure these desperate deals made by CEO's will not harm American citizens!


What laws and regulations exist which protect American citizens, American natural resources, (oil, gas, water, uranium, etc) and America's vital infrastructure from being purchased, controlled and manipulated by potentially hostile

foreign entities?


Another concern is that many landowners were told that the lease was for oil and gas, but the actual lease is for ALL minerals from the surface to the center of the earth. This includes Uranium or Throium or other Radioactive components. If the leases are sold to China, they could inherit the rights to radioactive materials, as well. 


What legal action can be taken by landowners to change the current contracts or leases to indicate they do not want their property to fall under control of a foreign nation ?


What can the Governor of Ohio do to protect Ohio residents who sold their mineral rights to Chesapeake and others who may act with wreckless disregard for the landowners and the nations best interest?


Will  Gov. Kasich create regulations which prevent foreign countries from manipulating our very own oil and gas supplies against Ohio residents?


What provisions should landowners include in future contracts to prevent the sale or transfer of their lease to a communist controlled country such as China or any organization with hostile intent towards America?




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We have to fix the government.

We need a 3rd Middle Class Majority Independent Party that will represent us.

Maybe T. Boone has a candidate in mind that he would back.

The Dems and Reps to me are actually one party - the Corporate Enhanced Politician Party.

They've got the whole country buying their left right bulltweed.

Whether left or right the political elite prevail.

They don't view us as constituents - they view us as fodder.

Just my opinions.

Hi Joseph - the problem is that the Republicrats will not allow a third party to participate in debates, in campaign funding offered to nominees  - which is a mere pittance compared to what they can raise privately and NOW, through PAC's.

Limit ballot access, heck, they even kept Ron Paul off of hundreds of primary ballots in 2008! 

The crooks control the money, the delegate process, the votes, the conventions, and most importantly, they control the media who can make or break a candidate.  Heck, they had Ron Paul out of the running months ago!  Big fat liars (eww, hate that word but seems appropriate here)

That is the ONLY reason Ron Paul won't go third party, even though, THIS year, it has been proven there are more Independents than Dems or Reps...

Republicrats MAKE the rules, CHANGE the rules, ELIMINATE certain rules, BREAK the rules - to suit their own agenda.  does that about cover it? 


Americans are as diverse and brilliant as the stars in the sky, but we stand shoulder to shoulder under one Constitution on American soil, as strong individuals with common interests and goals. 


With consideration for the global picture, most of us believe we live in a relatively nice place and enjoy relatively nice benefits, simply because we were born here or have moved here.


Most of us have invested in some form of living space here in America, most are employed by American companies, we trust our money in American banks, we pay taxes to live here, and taxes to protect us from perceived threats.. the bottom line is we invest heavily and pay a lot to live here. Only a few pack up and move out.


In spite of problems, we Americans are in essence a big diverse family trying to coexist peacefully and function as individuals on the same big island.


Looking for common ground and shared interests of the landowners and those in the oil and gas industry is paramount to our individual and collective success.


We are shoulder to shoulder on the oil and gas issues. We all want good things to result from the domestic oil and gas reserves, now and for our children in the future.


Many questions and concerns have been expressed about the possiblity of China owning and controlling America's domestic oil and gas.


This issue is not about discrimination or bias or prejudice.


This issue of giving up control of domestic oil and gas sparks emotion because we taxpayers have been stepping up to the plate every time our government has called us; We been asked to sacrifice our children to the military, and pay highter taxes, engage in multiple international conflicts, pay for contractors, and dig deeper in our pockets to throw away trillions of our hard-earned dollars in cash pay-offs to foreign governments just to keep the foreign oil flowing into America.


Now, after all the sacrifice, we are feeling like maybe someone lied to us or we've been tricked because we know that our island is sinking.. America is dying.. quickly.. and we hard-working American's are fighting to survive. We don't know who to trust in politics or business because all we see is smoke and mirrors. 


But, finally, hope! American ingenuity and American investors have lead to the discovery of domestic oil and gas and American businesses are harvesting huge reserves of Domestic oil and gas!

We can be free of control by foreign entities!

We can be self-sustaining and independent!


Domestic, American oil and gas harvested and processed by American owned businesses is the life-saving medicine we so desperately need...

it's right here in our backyards.


We don't have to do anything but manage it wisely and we will heal and thrive.


It's difficult, as a dying nation, to see the life-saving opportunity simply slip away from our grasp by some slight of hand, under the radar, rouge politician or multinational corporate deal to boost stocks.


We are now #2 and slipping fast.


Our nation is shamefully stupid if we give up control of our domestic oil and gas, as it is our only viable hope for economic survival.


America has discovered enough domestic oil and gas to :

satisfy our transportation and energy needs 

lower energy and fuel costs

lower grocery prices

lower taxes

help keep our sons and daughters out of foreign oil conflicts

provide jobs to Americans

strengthen America's failing economy.

strengthen the educational system and health care system for everyone, including

children born in America.


Why would any of us let it go away so easily?


The fact that China has means to buy our vital domestic oil and gas reserves is disturbing

only because American's are considering selling it to them.


If Obama or Bush or Romney wanted to buy Chesapeake, everyone would be protesting frantically and it would be headline news every day!

China wants to buy American domestic oil and controlling shares of a major domestic oil/gas company and people tuck chins and sheepishly grin in fear of being accused of some sort of prejudice or unreasonable fear.


Questions and concerns expressed about the unknown are not an expression of  discrimination or bias... they are simply questions and concerns about the unknown.


The truth is that No one knows what China or anyone else will do if they gain

control of our domestic oil and gas. 


I enjoy the culture and people of many foreign nations and have had the opportunity to travel and learn,

however I think it's very unwise to give up control of America's domestic oil and gas to any other country or foreign entity simply because WE NEED IT NOW to survive.


Every American is on common ground and will suffer if we loose sight of our common

goals and interests.


Stay focused on our common interests and work together to make the domestic oil and gas work  to benefit our families and our nation, first.











Speaking for me and mine:

We're on your bus !

Looking around for 'Like Minded Developers / Land Departments' !


"The govt is NEVER here to help us"

that's just not is we need our government to work in our behalf but not to the payoffs of working for a few and especially not working for NON Citizens instead of US AMERICANS.  When an admin. is handing out monies to green energy companies and then those green energy companies go bankrupt right after they get the loan..?? and those CEOs who walked off with the bonus didn't get punished or have to give the money back?   And some of those same CEO's are now working at other companies buying up America's infrastructure...where did they get the money from?   whose minding the govt. bank loans?

this isn't just one green company that did such...several did right after getting the funds?

iT IS TIME FOR THE AVERAGE CITIZEN TO DO THE RESEARCH...not just rely on campaign speeches (that most likely are not written by the one doing the speech) is time also for more of the qualified to head our government to step forward and be known.

Pls lets start talking about our government will do the right thing at looking at this situation so that the USA is not taken over in all or a large part of its infrastructure to NON CITIZENS.

that's the point....if our government isn't working right then the people are not paying attention to the management of such...   Instead of who is the best orator or one that can read speeches on a teleprompter...we need good effective leadership and not just in one individual.

But it starts with us the people doing the research and following up on what C-Span is telling us and the media.   Remember C-Span came on tv to help make our government more transparent so we the average folk could get a clue as this country and the world has grown so much....when is the last time any of you actually watched C-Span instead of hearing about a problem by a 3 or 4 minute broadcast by a news network?  Most of these congressional hearings are on C-Span.   And of course you can google a news report but how many are really taking the time to review the real issues?  A government for the people by the people...needs the people to get involved.

It is time to stop the laughing and the riducule and the jokes about it all...time to get studios and serious about whom you will elect at the next pres. but it is also time to get involved in what this pres. and his cabinet (or shall I say whom he added that wasn't elected by the people) is

Dear Joseph-Ohio,

Thank you for sharing the link!

We have modified 2 Peterbilt trucks with Eco-dual engines (80% CNG-20% Diesel)

and converted 1 Ford F 350 to CNG.

We are trying to get a CNG fueling station in Belmont County, but it's not easy.

Some people say it's possible to fuel up right at home with a slow trickle of natural gas.

The discovery of domestic shale gas and oil is the start of a revolution for Americans!

Rather than wait on the government, many Americans are finally becoming more self-reliant and adopt sustainable lifestyles.

.. on a personal note.. You may enjoy reading or watching Ayn Rand's "Atlas Shrugged".



In answer to your discussion question...I guess cause our present administration doesn't know how to lead and follow thru....over 20 countries are now allowed to ignore the US sanction against Iran...didn't they purpose that for a reason?   and of course China is going to buy oil from Iran...WHY NOT BUY OIL FROM THE USA???

is this present government under Obama selling us all out?   Look at this news article...China get ok to ignore sanctions and buy oil from Iran???huh?

and even India who also has bought up many leases and infrastructure in the USA...why aren't we selling to India the end product?

tell me is Iran selling off their facilities, production, pipelines, their infrastructure for oil and natural gas to China and India?   are they?   I doubt it...why is the USA then doing it?   India is buying their oil from Iran with gold....

people...pls read these discussions and go online and do your own research...look past your own fortune and look at the what this govt. is allowing NON citizens and worldly govt.s to purchase up of our beloved USA.

Well, they bought over 200 acres just outside Detroit MI, and are starting a Chinese community and I believe they bought banks as well (will need to look for that story).  They will employ their own, have their own markets, and whatever it takes to start their own city.



thanks so much for input here Linda A. and that you also are concerned...

I read the info at the first 'bank ' link you left...and here is an exerpt:

The deal, which could open the door for other Chinese banks to acquire deposit-taking institutions in the United States, was formalized in Chicago, at a ceremony arranged by commerce officials from both countries. Chinese banks are aggressively seeking to expand overseas, hoping that they can support Chinese companies abroad instead of losing them to American and European financial companies.

Then the deposits/savings of those banks that they purchase here in America will then be used to finance China companies abroad....    will that mean that people in the USA will have a more difficult time getting loans from those banks or less?

I think the deal for Sinopec to own Chesapeake which cleverly was reconstrued into perhaps the post link I left above yours.....may be already done...which means they will have most all the assets of the 2nd largest oil/gas company in the United States...which means they as Non citizens have the stronghold of our natural resources already.  Unless the government isn't pleased with the Cayman Island switcharue...instead of doing that sale in the USA.   Did you already read that info?   Now pls verify I still cannot find that stock symbol that was listed at that it is not verified as of yet.

I have it on good authority that they make a pretty darn good Peking Duck too... is it perhaps TOO good?  I think maybe they are trying to hook us on their food.  I have also heard that there is a sizable community of those little buggers in San Francisco... they had the gall to even name it... CHINA TOWN.  Holy Crap... where will all this end???

Hopefully not with a new China Constitution under the Republic of China here in the USA......replacing the one that some think is 'trash' and not worthy.....who haven't any idea what it says to begin with...

China Town was formed with commonality - meaning those who came to US joined other Chinese and the area continued to grow to accommodate - not planned, just happened.

The planned new City is totally different...  The plan is to bring in Chinese to fill all the positions in the City - from building it to running it...


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