The documentary "Under The Dome" about smog in China received 200 million views in a few days before it was banned in China. China's air pollution blows around the whole planet, and gets into the food that we import, so this is an issue for all of us. This video promotes a transition from coal to fracked oil and gas as the remedy for China’s smog problems. Deja vu?

China is repeating the same mistakes that Pennsylvania has made: lax regulation and a "pollute first, clean up later" attitude.

The video is excellent but I wish it had shown how fracking risks water pollution, methane leakage, and accelerated global warming. It should have promoted sustainable energy such as wind and solar.

Another video shows that recent fracking in China is causing water problems:

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Why don't you lead a group of "anti-frackers" to China to do some "community organizing" and to "educate" the citizens there about the "dangers" of "fracking".  Sounds like they need some help.

Do you notice how the left-wing crazies have begun to emerge from beneath their rocks now that the weather is warming slightly.  It was tough for them a month ago with wind chills, at least here where I live in PA, hovering between -40 and -50 degrees F . . . . and with all-time record low temperatures being recorded across much of the USA.  They fervently wanted to scream "global warming" back then . . . . but the words froze in their miserable scrawny throats.

Now they have thawed out and, with the next ice age obviously underway, they will continue apace with their asinine religion.  ISIS adherents are more sane than these desperate and despicable people, not that mental illness is ever a positive development with any group.

"water pollution, methane leakage, and accelerated global warming"

My water is polluted daily out back by rabbits, squirrels, deer, cows, pigs, horses etc...shitting and pissing all over the place and then leaking into the water table.

Methane leakage is out of hand due to the same sources... especially the pigs!  If one were to truly do the math - cows alone, fueled by our meat intake in the US, contribute more to CO2 production than almost anything else.  Global warming?  Mother nature will take care of that - if we are truly wreaking havoc on the planet, it will be dealt with swiflty and without malic

As for me - I am going out to light a big old bonfire and warm up the planet a bit more.

Agreed Frank!  The whackos are warming up and coming out - good thing they had fossil fuels to keep them warm all winter.  Paul is merely looking for attention and we are giving it.  I would think an important PHD would have more important things to occupy his time.  BTW some of the most eccentric and "out there" types have Phd's.  When you know everything and are done learning, the mind gets weird.

Just like that wack job professor who lit up a cig onboard that airline flight the other day! Her reasoning for doing so was to "show solidarity" for Hugo Chavez or the other dictiator in Cuba - Castro - she's soooooooo enlightened!  Sad thing is that people like these, and Paul, have taken over the education system in this country and are brainwashing "our most precious resource" with their redistributive, social marxism.  I guess the former Soviet Union, Stalin-Lernin-Marx, has infiltrated this country and is taking it over by "education attrition".

I'm sure Paul thinks he's making a difference here, but his comments show such a rudimentary understanding of both the environment and energy that he actually does his cause a disservice. There are always things any industry could do better and the world is full of trade-offs. Two things that every expert understands, however, are that coal is worse for the environment than natural gas across the board, and solar and wind are only useful when the sun shines brightly and the wind blows fairly strongly. So you can always tell the uninformed novice when they ignore those basic facts. You wish you could spend a few hours with Paul and try to educate him, but I suspect he doesn't want to actually understand the situation.

It certainly is a good reason for us to continue to produce more clean natural gas.  Fracking isnt the end of the world as you see it.

I have been to China 5 times in the last two years. The video is true. It is an environmental disaster. No blue skies, no clean water. Thank God we have an environmental protection agency. Remember the show Laugh-In when they gave the Cuyahoga River the "fickled finger of fate award back in the late 60's or early 70's for catching on fire. The steelheads are back.

I am for fracking, but let's keep it clean.

Solar energy panels contain deadly materials that leach into ground water. wind and solar devices kill natural wild life and limit space for food growth and development.

Where is mr Obama and mr gore when it comes to criticizing China for its dismal environmental state?

Oblam-O is busy sucking face with Iran, and Al Bore is busy pandering to any liberal, nut bag college who will listen to him.

And now Obama and friends are worrying about  my next summer bar-b-q chicken toasting , ,,,, maybe do some beef patties ,do my part to get rid of all them nasty wind breaking cows eating your grass in Montana. turning it into Methane. or you could volunteer to quit breathing. Just thinking, Damn are we sick of this last 3 months of global warming yet?

I can remember growing up it depended which way the wind was blowing what you was wiping off your window sill,rubber from Akron or coal from Warren and Youngstown sure do miss the good old days.


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