CHK and RRC Leasing in Potter,Center,Racoon, Independance,Green and Hanover Townships..Also Shippingport ?

I have been hearing that a lot of leased landowners in these areas have been receiving checks (from CHK) for leases that have not expired as well as owners that are signing new leases and renewing expired leases (with RRC)...please let us all know if you signed or are being asked about leasing...we all need to stay up on what is happening around well as what they are offering and who is offering...something is happening slowly and quietly..please let us know what is happening around you...

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Jason, I only pass on what I've learned over the past 5 years or so by reading and talking and listening. I've lived in this area all my 60+ years of life so I know a lot of folks.

I am also fortunate enough to have customers from all walks of life. I learn from them when I can. I believe most of the hard core folks here have done somewhat the same as me and are here at GMS to learn and to disseminate information known to be true.

Of course I've been known to report "solid rumors", but clarify them as such.

All off us that contribute pertinent info or ask serious questions here need to pat themselves on the back for doing so.

Welcome to the club!

I just received the same offer today from RRC. Landman- Shale services, I'm a approx 6 months out from my lease expiring with CHK. Also he spouted of the same BS as above, almost word for word. 17%/$2,500 per acre etc etc. I live in Hookstown,pa. Any additional insight would be appreciated. Thanks Father John
He stopped ten days ago and called me again today. I told him unless they change the lease, I'll keep the gas in the ground. I will not allow my royalty $$$ going to post production costs. I said no way and we have almost 100 acres total, hanover Twp near the park.

We Will be part of the core of core. Why else would they want us to sign this early when gas prices are so low?

We have 97 acres under CHK lease, the auto renewal from the original 5 years, plus 3 years is due in March.  There are multiple CHK leases done in this timeframe in southern Mahoning County, OH, near Columbiana county and in Springfield township.  We have had no communication from CHK nor any other leasing companies.

I was contacted by Shale Land Services last week and they brought out a lease from Range.  My lease is not up until Aug. 5th, 2016. I have 76 acres in Hookstown and 3 acres in Hanover.    I was told that Range has bought out and also top leased from CHK.  They offered me $2,500.00 at 17 %.  ($625.00  per acre ) It would be an annual lease with only $100.00 in 2016.  Bonus $ would  not start  until Nov. 1017.  They said Range just does NOT... have the $$.  Then I was offered $ $400.00 per acre at 16 % if I wanted the $ to start right  away.  hmmm. They just told me Range did not have any $$ .....I will show the lease to my attorney.  Not.... signing anything at this time.   Thank you Todd...for All the Information you have helped me with from past years and hopefully in the Future.  God Bless you.....

I have also been approached by Shale Land Services. Got 15 acres in Hanover Twp Beaver. He told me that RRC purchased the remainder of the lease term for my 5 year lease which expires in less than a year.  He was very persistent about getting me to sign so that triggered an alarm with me.  Wanted me to sign the delayed 5 year lease paying 600/ac per year plus 17%.but only paying for 4 out of 5 years on the signing bonus.  After a few weeks he called and told me that Range was redrawing the lines and would not be leasing in my area but he could still get me in if I signed in the next 48 hours. Sounded like a scare tactic so I didn't call him back. CX had a meeting out here on Tuesday but I missed it.  Anyone dealing with this group?

Just over the Ohio line from you, about 30 minutes away. Lease was auto renewed, 5 year plus 3 year renewal.  Total of 8 years 97 acres with CHK expires in a few weeks.  No contact from anyone including CHK.

Does anyone know if the full lease expires if we have to notify the courthouse of removal of all leases?


I recommend that you contact CHK after your lease expires and ask for Releases from each CHK entity that signed your lease and any other oil and gas company that may have joint ventured with CHK.  Then, you will need to have the Releases recorded at the Courthouse.

You should have an oil and gas attorney assist you with this.


Thanks Todd will do!

I had a lease with CHK which thankfully the term expired. Within a month of it expiring I received a release from CHK of my oil and gas. I didn't even have to call CHK. I only had to take the document to the Beaver County  courthouse to get it recorded. It cost maybe $10. 

Thanks, Gary !   I talked to John Morrow today and Hanover Vol. Fire Dept. IS IN Hookstown.   Here I was an EMT. Vol. for years at the Hanover Vol. Fire Dept. and I didn't know....Hookstown starts at the Fire Dept.   So Sorry..... See you at the meeting....


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