I have an old Clinton well/lease with a non pooling amendment.  The lease has been re-assigned to CHK.  They want to eliminate that provision.  Also no mention of any acre limit for a drilling unit.  Also some other crazy language about changing any payment at will, and some other crazy amendments about being able to absorb other parcels into the drilling unit whether leased or not, whether adjacent or not.

I am in Harrison county.  Any suggestions for a good attorney with experience in lease language that could advise me.

Also, any idea what kind of reimbursement I should receive for allowing a pooling of the property?  I have control of 122 acres.  Thanks in advance.

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Try Matt Warnock or Dan Gerken from Bricker & Eckler in Columbus. They're very good with all aspects of oil & gas. They also have an office that recently opened in Barnesville.

My guess of course would be that they would like to 'pool' your land.

Maybe they'll apply to the ODNR to force your land into an acreage 'pool' ?

Wondering if that might be their next move (if they haven't done so already) ?

Wondering if they've made an offer other than just to 'clean up' your lease ?

Wondering if that in itself is an 'offer' ?

Kindly keep us all informed of your progress / what precipitates.

Wishing you the best of luck / good fortune / results in your efforts.

sounds like everything they want is for the good of Chk and nothing good for you ......get an attorney brfore you sign anything and make them pay you for making the changes ......if CHK coming to you it is all to better them not for the good of the landowner LANDOWNER BEWARE

Emmens & Wolper Columbus Ohio did wonders for me. 614-414-0888

What they want to do is amend the lease for free so that they can sell it for a huge profit and pay down some of the bankers nipping at their heels.  In it's current form, it's all but worthless.  There isn't much time left in the hourglass for CHK.

I wouldn't consent to a single amendment without CHK agreeing to a whole slew of amendments in your favor.

Remember that you're dealing with the stooges of predators, both as dimwitted as they are bereft of character-- with their backs against the wall.

I wouldn't put anything past them.

I wouldn't sign. 

Wait for a new team to arrive. 

Let's hope the entire CHK team, pretending they aren't clueless about all matters oil & gas,  soon get's back to God's plan for them.

God has the same plan for the current Shale Players' employees as he does for Tim Tebow.  It's selling used cars.

betting Southwestern will own all of CHK Ohio leases soon ......they already have most of PA and West Virginia  CHK leases OHIO is next........they have three rigs drilling in West Virginia now and getting more permits every week there.......they are a lot more financial set to keep the drilling gone on.......and seem to be a pretty honest company I figure they will buy core acreage and not buy northern and western acreage that is not worth having leaving that acreages leases run out and not be renewed........time will tell  time has come to weed out the junk leases

The part of your OP about 'changing any payment at will' is pretty scary wouldn't you say ?

The parts about 'no mention of any acre limit for a drilling unit.'; and  'other crazy amendments about being able to absorb other parcels into the drilling unit whether leased or not, whether adjacent or not.' to me is equally scary and indicative that they want to 'force pool / force unitize' any other parcel if they choose to do so.

Seems to me what you decide to do has great potential to affect other landowners / potential lessors in your vicinity (whether adjacent to your 122 Acres or not).

Maybe you all ought to talk it over among yourselves and perhaps form some kind of group ?

A bit worrisome / troubling as it appears to me whatever you decide to do could have significant impact on  an unknown number of others.

Your lease and 122 Acres appear to me to be 'key' to their plans however.

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St Clairsville, OH


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(304) 845-2580
Open Now.
To any trollers who may be reading or trying to devalue the conversation / this discussion :

No land / lease in the Utica (so called 'Play') is 'Junk' - North, South, East or West.

It would be so much easier to 'bully' any potential lessor who has been conditioned to believe their is no value to concern themselves with.

That can be a troller's only agenda if no financial interest in any particular geography is held.


the oil companies came in here 5years ago and leased up everything they could....now after 5 years and lease renewals are happening the companies are looking at this leases and the proven geology and weeding out the poor production areas and not renewing leases in those areas  so I say they are weeding out the junk leases not every lease is worth renewing in the UTICA some areas have zero activity for example ASHTABULA,TRUMBALL.MAHONING,PORTAGE,Lake and Gauga counties and if you go west Holmes ,Wayne and Coshocton  .....and have not had activity for several months if not years so there are areas of the UTICA that are not economical for development making those leases JUNK

And I think you're wrong.

The glass is not even half full.

There are the lands to the west of 77 in the 'Black Oil' window to consider as well.

I think their day will come too - just don't know when.

There are no junk leases anywhere.

The leasing assault proves that.

O & G want total control of the natural gas and oil resources within the land.

They're doing all they can to make that happen even after the wells are developed and production begins judging from alot of what I read on these pages.



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