Commentary: Interior leadership and Biden on Climate Change security Dr. Dan FineSpecial to the Daily Times

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"With the Department of Interior under the leadership of Interior secretary nominee Deb Haaland, the Biden Administration would open the way towards energy and climate. No longer would federal land and its uses be separate from social and cultural considerations of climate and its change.

Change is not narrowly defined as “global warming.” It is set in such policy terms as “security.” 

What have the California forest fires in common with the Texas polar freeze? 

A pandemic-surviving population sees and fears “security” or systemic change in climate. It was also distressed that the price of San Juan natural gas increased from $2.00 to $100.00 overnight in reaction to the Texas grid power failure and ban on its natural gas production export to Mexico and other states.

Daniel Fine

So far, President Biden is pursuing a strategy to remove carbon from oil and gas by limiting its production. This could remove 40% in transportation by cars and trucks

Not so easy as Bill Gates says. Yet the electric and hydrogen displacement of the combustion engine is folded into a minimum 1.6 trillion dollar infrastructure investment which changes all the spread sheets in business capital spending."

As this Administration puts values before transactions (Trump) to restore American leadership of globalization among European powers, it must recognize Europe on energy and climate: all renewable as opposed to petroleum in transportation technology in five or six years. By rules and laws from EU Government?  Yes.

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Thank you Ralphy for your wonderful insight!

Get your vaccine shot yet Mr Ladd ??? 


I am sure you are eligible ... While Canada and Europe lag far behind in vaccine availability , US citizens can thank Pres Trump for securing millions of doses !!!!!!!  

You apparently did not hear or read Mr. 'T'  comments on the Covid  problem early on did you Ralphy?  Nothing to worry about was  the gist of his comment about it.  "It will soon go away and he could take credit"   boosting his chances of winning the election.    Instead it became a world wide problem.  His real concern at the time was his not being able to win the election.   Thank you greatly Ralph. I really do appreciate your postings.  They keep me  busy looking up facts.

Well there Mr Laddy ,,,, The Dem Gov 's of NY and NJ and their policies are the leaders in Covid deaths .........

 CNN made Andrew Cuomo a nightly 'hero' while he was HIDING the true death toll from the media .... His propaganda machine , CNN was complacent by heaping praise on Andrew .... 

 Where is the propaganda machine now that NINE Women have accused the 'Emmy ' award winning  Dem Gov of improper sexual acts ??????? Chris Cuomo is NOWHERE to be found !!!! 

 Keep drinking the Kool Aid ,,,,,Laddy 

I guess that "Ralphy " is OK , but "Laddy' is not ...........

Life is just too short and precious to waste on continuing  a feud with  Ralph cramdon who has nothing to do but waste his skills and talents trying to provoke me and in effect boost his self image. It is very sad that Ralph cannot accept the fact that the election is done with.  I have no doubt that Ralph cramdon could add much to the "go marcellus shale"  site.  Instead he would rather blame me personally for any poor choices that humanity has made.  

Too bad "Laddy' gets insulted , meanwhile Mr Ladd seems to have no problem belittling posters

 with whom he disagrees ......  


Maybe more Marcellus gas will now flow towards NY ... Mr Biden has STOPPED plans for a Federal Offshore Windmill site off the Hamptons .. Seems like the rich folk from NYC / Hamptons have pressured Biden into submission ..... 

 Probably means Biden will build more windmills in Appalachia ...... I am sure the good folks in Appalachia contribute far less to politics than the 'rich and famous " from NYC / Hamptons ...........

Cuomo will need more electric , where will it come from ?? Cuomo is shutting down a Nuke plant that provides electric to NYC .... Cuomo has not allowed any new Nat Gas plants or pipes into the region and fights every proposed pipeline from Appalachia to the outside world ....... 

Not insulted at all Ralph. Just curious why you waste your time, energy and intelligence trying tp provoke me. Especially when you could complain to the folks that make the decisions.  At least you have now posted a couple of  intelligent thoughts.  I congratulate you Ralph, Keep up the good work!  Oh and Ralph, if you feel belittled, then I feel sorry for you.  Try improving your "Self image"!       Granddad Ladd

Laddy , Windmills are estimated to kill over ONE MILLION birds a year !!!!!! With Biden pushing for more windmills , will bird kills reach two million ????? 

 Bats too are killed by the hundred of thousands !!!!! 


Not too worry ,,,,, Instead of the birds eating insects , we can spray more poisonous pesticides ........ 

 At least the birds will be saved when the wind stop blowing and those blades stop killing .... Whats Bidens plan when there are no birds left ?????? 

Cornell estimates that 3 BILLION song birds have died since 1970 , mainly due to pesticides ..... With  the windmills now killing millions of birds , the insect population will boom , leading to more pesticide applications ...... 

Those oversized pinwheels are an eyesore for sure Ralph.  Can we agree on that?  And those wind turbines are prone to failure. They can catch fire and how to fight a fire a few hundred feet in the air?  There has to be a terrific side pressure on the mountings at the ground level during a very hard wind storm.  Not only that Ralph but climbing that tower to do maintainence, lubrication, adjustments or just inspections  and any repair of any sort would be a major task.  I am not so sure about the bird problem however.    Here in our area there used to be hundreds of red winged blackbirds nesting in the hayfields. And there were many kinds of insects in the hay. A great feast for the birds. But the birds were also a problem for the cherry growers. Our neighbor would have to go out peridically to set off firecrackers to scare those bird away from stripping the cherries from the trees.  Wild turkeys were observed following a mower in the hayfield. Insects would be stirred up by the mower and the turkeys discovered a very easy meal just by following the mower around the field.                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Life is a series of problems that must be solved. If there were no problems to be solved, then there would be no reason for life or living.  And this holds true for every living creature and plants including grass, dandelions an  trees.   Take some time and think about about those words.   No one person can solve every body's problems.  And no Ralph, I DID NOT VOTE FOR BIDEN!      Granddad Ladd


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