Commentary: Interior leadership and Biden on Climate Change security Dr. Dan FineSpecial to the Daily Times

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"With the Department of Interior under the leadership of Interior secretary nominee Deb Haaland, the Biden Administration would open the way towards energy and climate. No longer would federal land and its uses be separate from social and cultural considerations of climate and its change.

Change is not narrowly defined as “global warming.” It is set in such policy terms as “security.” 

What have the California forest fires in common with the Texas polar freeze? 

A pandemic-surviving population sees and fears “security” or systemic change in climate. It was also distressed that the price of San Juan natural gas increased from $2.00 to $100.00 overnight in reaction to the Texas grid power failure and ban on its natural gas production export to Mexico and other states.

Daniel Fine

So far, President Biden is pursuing a strategy to remove carbon from oil and gas by limiting its production. This could remove 40% in transportation by cars and trucks

Not so easy as Bill Gates says. Yet the electric and hydrogen displacement of the combustion engine is folded into a minimum 1.6 trillion dollar infrastructure investment which changes all the spread sheets in business capital spending."

As this Administration puts values before transactions (Trump) to restore American leadership of globalization among European powers, it must recognize Europe on energy and climate: all renewable as opposed to petroleum in transportation technology in five or six years. By rules and laws from EU Government?  Yes.

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Mr Ladd , you sure trashed Pres Trump loudly and often .... 


PS have you got land you want to pass on to family ??? Youre pres Biden wants to tax their inheritance .... 

Many a Farm family will suffer dearly if Biden gets his way .............. Biden said just today that he wants Capital Gains taxes higher than 40% !!!!!!!!!

If Biden gets his way , many Farms will be FORCED to sell to pay off Biden tax ........

The biggest problem I have with Trump is his inability to listen and consider what other folks that he himself put into office.   Just as soon as one of them disagreed with him in the slightest, he booted them out and disrespected them. When he put someone in, Trump praised them constantly  100 percent until they said or did something a little different then Trump wanted them to do or say.   A good leader will take into consideration what his advisors have to say.  Trump was and is unable to  look at any other possibility then his own solution to a problem.   That trait is probably what led to Trump's failure in the election.                                                            Granddad Ladd

If Biden has his way , many a inherited farm will be in danger of being sold off to pay his new taxes ........ 

Democrats to ban fracking in Kaliforrnia 2024 ........... HAs a little startup CRBO based in California , sold it several months ago ,whew 

Well whatever happens Ralph,  I will not cry over it or lay blame on any particular person or political party.   The majority of folks will just have to deal with any situation that befalls them. That is what life is all about anyway.  Kinda dangerous to make many plans for the future.  All we can really do is to make choices using what ever facts we can dig up as best as we can and hope for the best.     Granddad Ladd


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