I need a little guidance if anyone could help please. My husband and I signed with Cunningham Energy October 3rd, 2011, the lease said 120 days. It has been 199 "days" and nothing from them. I would like to sign with another "reputable" company but don't know if my so called lease with Cunningham is null and void or would I be in trouble if I do. I have called and called this company, IF I am lucky enough to speak to the guy he says he is driving and he will call back tomorrow and doesn't leaving me to call him back and it goes straight to voicemail. Does anyone here know what I should or can do, my husband has passed away and I am left to do this on my own. Any guidance would be appreciated.

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Check with the County Recorder office see if Cunningham recorded the lease.

Gulfport is having a Guernsey county lease signinhg gig @ the pritchard laugh. center this coming fri./sat. They are offereing $5,000. pr. ac. & 20% royalties. Should be a flyer in the Sunday Jeffersonian. Dont know bout the lease info.

Check with your county recorder and see if the lease has been recorded to your land title.  If so, you are still under the lease.  If you want it cancelled and surrendered because of non payment, I would write a certified letter to the O & G Company and ask.  You can also seek the assistance of a lawyer to get this done if the lease has been recorded.

Michael & Jeanette I did check with Recorders office and there is No lease filed as of Thursday. I went to the Gulfport Meet & Greet Thursday evening I have heard good things about them in other townships. Thank you for your help everyone!


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