I have heard that shell is leasing properties of interest and that offers are higher than $300/acre.

can anyone confirm that this is true?



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Thanks WJ and JM, Can you tell us what the three options are?

thank you jim mills.

I think you guys can get a 15% royalty, and maybe without deductions.

probably some more bonus money too if the minerals are located well.



did you get a better bonus?


thank you once again jim.

hopefully development will happen soon for you, it sounds like shell has a renewed interest in your area.


George, Great 2 c u on here Buddy !! How is ur heart these days ? I may have some info 2 share with u my friend !!! Happy New Year !!!!

Hey Charles,  What do you have cooking?

Happy New Year, George ! Before they began pumping stripped TX gas into that valley where you live, your grandfather had blue flame coming out of the stove cuz it was your local gas, and it was high BTU shallow wet gas. I'll give you another post with some specific figures on that old gas which used to burn in your valley and which some of the people with shallow wells on their property still get to burn for free.

George,  You have earlier asked about some readings on the gas in your area. That shallow wet gas near you has a Btu range of 1150 to 1175.  There's also Rhinestreet wet gas several miles northwest of your properties which contains 35% ethane and propane.

Charles, The shallow gas across our 5500 acres runs 1300 BTUs. I am not sure where I asked that question, but it is a good question in regards to what the source rock is for that high of BTUs in Sharon and Oswayo twps, Potter County's shallow sandstone.

If your shallow gas hits 1300 Btus more power to you :)  Perhaps the examples I quoted were a bit more removed from your vicinity or averaged over a larger locale.  In any event, I like those readings of 1150 or more. It's my understanding that most researchers believe your shallow gas to be the result of a more recent deposition than the underlying shales.  So not a migration from a deeper shale source rock.. Perhaps newer research could prove that position wrong, but I've yet to see it.

I live in Bradford county, but I have land in Covington twp, tioga county. southeast of you a bit. no lease or development for me yet in tioga county, although I am surrounded by both shell and Seneca producing wells.


enough gas? in tioga? or Bradford?



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