Has anyone signed a lease with Lario Oil and Gas in Ohio.  Received a call from a rep that they are looking for property to lease in Portage County and possibly other counties.

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I have heard of them.  I have heard that they have leased some acres in Harrison County OH. Don't know much more.

I am an exclusive contractor working with Lario Oil and Gas Company

We are establishing a bold acreage position in Northeastern Ohio with focus on the Utica/Point Pleasant formations.

Although our focus areas continue to be refined, Lario would love the opportunity to discuss leasing opportunities with 

land owners in the region.

Lario Oil and Gas is a company based out of Wichita, KS incorporated in 1927.

Lario has several land owners that have been pleased partners of the company’s for over 60 years.

Lario has a strong focus on building meaningful, responsible, and beneficial relationships 

with land owners. 

Lario has been in this business longer than any other Utica operator and looks forward to partnering with Ohio landowners for years to come.  

If anyone has any questions about Lario or the Utica Shale Project, please feel free to contact me

via phone or e-mail.

Office Phone: (330)961-1239

E-Mail: nathantaylor24@gmail.com

For more information on Lario, you can visit Lario.net or call 1-800-465-2746 ( 1-800- GoLario )

Does LARIO have any plans to permit/drill a Ohio Utica well anytime soon?


    Lario does have plans to permit/drill an Ohio Utica well soon. We have secured

several contiguous blocks of acreage and hope to get all of the exploratory information

needed to efficiently drill a well. 

Has Lario secured any leases in Portage County that have been recorded, and can you provide an example of your lease?


    We have secured several leases in Portage, but have yet to record them. If you are interested

in seeing our Lease form, I would love to get one to you.


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