I am dealing with 4 separate O/G companies with partial interests in the same well.The original drilling company was/is CHK, who later sold out partial interests to 3 others. 2 of the companies involved are taking deductions based upon  their interpretation of the 'Market Enhancement" clause, and 2 are not based upon their interpretation of my particular lease which specifically excludes such deductions. 4 sets of attorney's with totally different interpretations! There is need for clarity to ensure accurate interpretations under the law. Perhaps the law, or lack of it, requires some looking at. Does anyone else see the need for this?

On a different but related point, the royalties are figured on the production numbers supplied by the O/G companies. The State and Municipalities receive their share based upon those numbers. What independent entity is in place to make sure that the numbers being reported are indeed correct? To my knowledge, there is none. I'd appreciate anyone clarifying this for me.



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Which state are you in? This is a very important situation you are describing.

Dear Fang,Nancy & Matt,

Thank you for your input.Nancy, State of Penn.-Matt-thanks for the tip-Fang, perhaps, unless there can be shown that there is an active attempt to deceive.


Folks seem to be reluctant to band together to have their voices heard by the lawmakers and decision deciders. Whether you are for or against any particular issue, I believe that we are all stronger in voicing our discontent in a pointed, responsible way. With that in mind  I have started a petition demanding an end to lies. You may be for or against fracking, but no one appreciates being lied to or misled.

If this is similar to how you feel, please take a look to see if you can support the petition.Just click on the URL below. Thank you for the patience and the effort.



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