I have been reading the old posts on here and I noticed phrases like, "waiting for my ship to come in", "waiting for the big day", and "my share".  The tone of the older discussions seem to be ones of anticipation and excitement.  So tell me, did your "ship come in"?  How do you feel about the choices you made with the proceeds?  Was it life changing for you?  Looking back, do you wish you would have done something differently either with the money or with the lease?  Are royalties everything the landman promised?  

Personally, I inherited mineral rights from my grandparents that I didn't know about until the landman contacted me - so it is basically snowflake money.  I have less than 10 net acres total over a couple of different counties but the bonus I received for leased acres alone was a life changer for me.  With it I was able to pay off debt (and some bad decisions :) ), put some away in an emergency fund and take a little (much needed) vacation.  I think I have made the right choices so far but only time will tell.  None of my leases have turned into wells yet, and I am ok if they don't because if they are going to be drilled, I'd rather wait until prices come up.

I hope this isn't too personal or intrusive, I just like hearing other people's stories.


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I m happy with my ship ......I have been payed over 6,000 an acre and they have not produced any production off them yet.........how could you not be happy with the ship.........now I am waiting to get renewed over in Carroll county  Ohio I next August and if that happens I will have made over 8,000 an acre

and still have all my minerals in the ground  and that acreage is in the oil window ....wells already drilled near by are producing about 1000 barrel a month......one is doing close to 3000 barrel a month.....so I am HAPPY to wait til oil prices recover

That speaks volumes to the importance of the 'sign on bonus' which some also call the 'delay rental'.

I have a close friend that payed 150,000 for his farm that was payed over 750,000 in his original bonus that is up for renewal in August of 2016 for another 750,000 .....I have another friend who was paid over 3 million for his holdings due for renewal in 2016 for another 3 million

looks like their ships have came in

API WELL NUMBER: 34019221780000
QUARTER 1,2,3,4: 4
OIL (2014, Q4): 9,563
GAS (2014, Q4): 52,725
DAYS (2014, Q4): 90
Permit Issued: 06/28/2012
Status: Producing

this well is about 2 miles from my acreage

So they say to you I guess and you say say to us.

Whoopeedoopee for you and them.

Doesn't mean squat to me and mine.

Say, are you braggin' or complainin' ?


I don't really care if it mens squat to you or not Joey ...........your just piss-d because your northern acreage aint worth squat so you lay around on the floor laughing all u want while I go to the bank .........this thread was started to hear about peoples SHIP coming in but your ship has done sunk up north.....sorry about your luck 

Some things change sometimes.

Are you braggin' or complainin' ?

There you go thinking you know what makes me tick again !

BTW (Mickey) you can call me Joseph - I don't go by Joey myself.

Also BTW (Mickey) it's OK to get mad - I don't mind conversing with a mad man every once in awhile - it let's people know who and what kind of person you really are - it's honest.

Have a nice day Mickey - or maybe you prefer 'Mick' ?

But don't ask me to call you Mr. Murphy - that you have to earn.

you can call me anything you like JOEY just don't call me late  for supper .....and I am not mad .....maybe someday some stupid production company will drill a well in Ashtabula county......no ones been stupid enough to do it yet........Joey living on a hope and a dream......I prefer MURPHDAWG.......maybe HALCON will come up there and drill some more DUDs like they have already down in TRUMBALL county or mahoning  20 rigs drilling in Ohio and not one in the northern part of the UTICA.....maybe you could get together with big Ron down in Poland and raise shrimp on his  shrimp farm

MURPHDAWG it is then !

Call me Joseph.

Glad to hear of your good news Mike M.( and your friends). I'm glad good things are happening and I wish you and everyone else will keep posting and letting the rest of us know what is going on. I don't think it's bragging and I appreciate the information. Enjoy reading all your posts. Thanks buddy.

Thank you Robert

Mike;  do these friends have unmarried daughters???

Way to go Mike! Glad you are making out.


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