I have been reading the old posts on here and I noticed phrases like, "waiting for my ship to come in", "waiting for the big day", and "my share".  The tone of the older discussions seem to be ones of anticipation and excitement.  So tell me, did your "ship come in"?  How do you feel about the choices you made with the proceeds?  Was it life changing for you?  Looking back, do you wish you would have done something differently either with the money or with the lease?  Are royalties everything the landman promised?  

Personally, I inherited mineral rights from my grandparents that I didn't know about until the landman contacted me - so it is basically snowflake money.  I have less than 10 net acres total over a couple of different counties but the bonus I received for leased acres alone was a life changer for me.  With it I was able to pay off debt (and some bad decisions :) ), put some away in an emergency fund and take a little (much needed) vacation.  I think I have made the right choices so far but only time will tell.  None of my leases have turned into wells yet, and I am ok if they don't because if they are going to be drilled, I'd rather wait until prices come up.

I hope this isn't too personal or intrusive, I just like hearing other people's stories.


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I have seen articles stating that the Utica has made over 550 millionaires in Carroll county Ohio .........who knows how many in Harrison , Belmont and Monroe and Guernsey counties.....but up in Trumbull Mahoning and Ashtabula they haven't made one millionaire yet

I heard 90 in Harrison county, lower population here.  Drilling still going on, just not near me.  That's ok; at today's prices I'll be glad to wait.

I personally know three Mikey!  Free money just like you just for being in the right place at the right time and happening to own enough free acreage.  Difference is they don't go around bragging about it and belittling those less fortunate.  I am truly happy for your good fortune, but your persistent hounding on the north is pathetic at best.  I have said this before and i'll say it again - NO poor dirt farmer EVER bought a farm & land with express purpose of becoming rich from O/G!  These people work and have worked very hard for what they have and if some nice lease money happens along - Good for them!

Hear, Hear!

That's great Mike. Where are you located? (county, township?) I too amy pleased with the bonus $$ and am hearing that wells nearby are producing in Monroe County

My ship came in but the gas company stole it. Taking deductions in spite of a lease saying they can't, not paying for NGLs, not paying for oil, and under paying for NG...possibly stealing 50-75% of my royalty check. People should be in prison.

Lol Mike and Joseph Ohio you guys are cracking me up, ridiculous.

Hi Mike. Actually, you are spot on when you cut and paste your articles. Usually good information, and good reading. Thanks for your efforts. However, when you add your "thoughts", not so much. You wrote -"but up in Trumbull Mahoning and Ashtabula they haven't made one millionaire yet". That statement is simply not correct. There are several large farms and landowners in Trumbull county that profited greatly from the BP bonus situation. A couple went several times over your millionaire mark. I would also guess, and it is only a guess, that Mahoning county had a few large farms that reached your mark. I realize that is small potatoes compared to Carroll county (God bless them by the way for their good fortune), but if you are going to speak in absolutes like you are some kind of authority, try to be correct. 
     I really do not understand your hostility toward the Northern Tier of counties. It seems to surface at odd moments, and after a while it just seems a bit strange. You obviously can say what you want, but try to stay within the boundaries of truth. If this is your way of seeking attention, I guess that it is working.
     Once again Mike, we are doing just fine up here. The entire process in Ohio and PA is pretty fascinating. When things kick back in again, the Southern counties, and a lot of good people, will benefit first. I wish good fortune for you and others when that happens. That being said, there are serious reserves under the Northern counties. That is a fact. It will probably be (in my uneducated opinion) a big mixture of years, research, financial, and global changes before our area is fully part of the process. If in your world that means that we northerners should be neither interested in, or hopeful for future activity, I'm just going to have to disagree with you. You should take a moment,and watch the movie - Monty Python and The Holy Grail. There is some really properly executed taunting in one of the scenes. It's a Frenchman on a castle wall. Much for you to learn about proper technique. Its a comedy by the way.

I'm glad someone else sees the troll for what he is. If I had the money he claims to have I wouldn't be on here. I'd be long gone so long.


     How about easing up on MIke.

Take a look at the ODNR Well Locator Map. You'll see that the laterals in the southern counties all point NW and SE since the shale lays in a predictable fashion.

Trumbull & Mahoning wells go in all directions as if the producer's aren't sure how the shale formations are layed out. Not so in the southern counties.

Also find some Shale Porosity maps. You'll see Belmont has the highest porosity, Harrison is 2nd and Carroll & Columbiana are 3rd. The well products volumes are higher in porous shales.

The geology formed over eons just didn't favor your area like it did down south.

You can rest at ease knowing that Ohio sits on the Beach of the Appalachian Basin's Ancient Ocean, the Rome Trough.

The Rome Trough is going to be HUGE!

Look at your Northern Counties. The laterals go in no predictable

There are not many long bore horizontal wells in the northern counties to look at Ron.

The few in Trumbull County that I've seen maps / diagrams of however run Northwest to Southeast.

The 'Basin' as you call it curves predictably however as I've seen graphics so indicating.

To me,  on that basis, it seems the optimum bore direction could also be predicted.

Don't really know how difficult it would make 'Unitization' considering landowner plats affect things.

They'll figure it out.

I'd bet they already have, considering most lands are leased (but I'd also bet that much if not most of  the leased lands are held by the old pre-Utica tailgate class leasehold agreements and HBP).

It has nothing to do with 'MURPHDAWG' / his contributions to this discussion - and actually all of our exchange is off-topic.

   Hi Ron. First of all I appreciate the research you do concerning Chesapeake and it's behavior concerning landowners. To me that is the core of what this site is about - knowledge about the industry - good and bad. I have looked at the porosity maps, among many others, and I agree with much of what you say about geology and the reasons why the south is active, and the north is not. If you read my posts, I've always said that it is obvious that southern counties are now, and will be, developed first. The sensible manner in which you state these facts is very productive to a discussion. I have seen you take some overzealous hits about Chesapeake, and come back with facts and numbers. That is how it should be done. I respect your efforts. Please don't stop.

   Concerning Mike, I am one of those stodgy people who likes to see a guy score a touchdown, flip the ball back to the ref, and forgo the dance. Boring, but sportsman - like. I respect that type of person. It's shows a bit of class. Most people appreciate that type of behavior in all walks of life. I think that Mike's behavior concerning the Northern tier of counties lacks what I just described. The danger to his approach is believing him. Believing that our land is worthless. It is not, in my opinion, worthless. Chesapeake would love to have all of us think that there is no future value. Let me repeat, future value. Chesapeake and Enervest have huge (HBP) holdings up here. Worthless land would be a lot easier to aquire to fill in larger units. Small Clinton leases would be a lot easier to combine into larger Utica units on worthless property. I am going to err on the side of our land having future value. As a layman, I will look at the huge study done by WVU. It places most of Mahoning, and a lot of Trumbull county in what they (not me) call the sweet spot. I'll call it the very difficult area of the  sweet spot for reasons that you describe. I hope technology will make it less difficult.

    In looking at my earlier reply though, right at the end, I didn't just flip the ball back to the ref either. That being said, I will try to be a little less touchy myself, as long as the facts are correct. Thanks for pointing it out. To try to steer this discussion (which I have helped to hijack) back to it's original topic, the ship came really close to shore in Trumbull county, for a lot of people, before going back out to sea. I was very lucky to receive a decent bonus from BP. It helped my family greatly. It was also enjoyable seeing new pole barns pop up and new roofs and siding on houses throughout the county.


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