Division Order and a Check received yesterday from Anadarko for holdings in The Township of Cascade, PA.

Good news, Anadarko must be active in Cascade (Lycoming Co.) as we received a Division Order Form and a check yesterday. Not sure what all this means yet, still reviewing the Division Order with our Lease Agreement. Just thought folks would want to hear some good gas news.

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{ can't see how you received a check and Division Order together.. Division Order comes first then later a check  You won't hear from Chesapeake for at least 5 months. I am in Cascade and the gas has been coming out since the 21st of December. Still no word from Chesapeake. Mitsul pays on the 28th of the month. Statoil is next but, slow...

I received a check for 6 months worth of production and two more checks before I received my Division Orders. It doesn't always work the way it should.


LOVE good news! We are in Cascade (near Frymire). Renewed our lease last year. No word on being in a unit yet.


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