Does anyone know another country that has an abundance of natural gas?

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Just another example of "State owned" resources. Ukraine has lot's of potential reserves problem is, like most of the world they are owned by the State.
In the U.S. almost all of the production and drilling is on private lands. Look at what the Wolf just did with State lands. Than he wants to place an additional tax on that private land production.

Russia 1688 Trillion Cubic feet of reserves

Argentina has potentially large shale plays in the early stages of development in their Neuquén Basin. However, the country has serious corruption, inflation, and currency problems.

Not to mention a history of Government confiscation of private assets.

Just makes foreign energy companies so very anxious to invest there, eh Tim? ;-)


There are shale play opportunities literally throughout the world.  What gives us the edge is that most are in  unstable, or under-developed, or extreme weather locations.  With the technology jump we have, an educated workforce, plus an ever-growing infrastructure of "the latest" ... whatever is needed.  Our abundance can be overshadowed if the game of "catch-up" is won by another country, and we surely will be matched some day.

Question from OP:  

"Does anyone know another country that has an abundance of natural gas?"

Answer:  Canada

Reference:  Canadian natural gas

My guesstimation is that Canadian natural gas resources have not, at this time, all been discovered.

Many of our O&G resources are known within the industry but not being developed because more technology is needed, so why advertise them?  For sure technological increases will find additional plays, and even more uses for our nat gas.

Old time drillers along the PA/ NY border spoke of our "deep" resources over 50 yrs. ago as they watched the big players move on to OK and TX and beyond.  They said back then that when technology catches up companies will return.


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