Recently we were handed a court petition asking us to defend our minerals in Garrett county 4 weeks ago. We had to hire an attorney to give the court our answer to hopefully keep our rights.

This is an expensive lesson to learn.

Maryland now has the Dormant Minerals Act and anyone who owns minerals NEEDS to get an INTENT TO PRESERVE MINERALS recorded in the court house.

OR, you will have the surface owners coming after what you own, for free. It is their right to do so if there has been no activity for 40 years.

I wonder how many other states have this law in effect?

Has anyone else had this happen to them?

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There was a bill introduced in PA similar to this, but I don't think it was ever passed. I shouldn't have to preserve my mineral rights, I own them. I don't care if there has been no production for 100 years, the rights are mine and I shouldn't have to do anything to keep them.


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