Does anyone know about any drilling in Londonderry Township, Guernsey County, OH by Aubre? Skull Fork Rd to be exact? Thanks for any info you might share.

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New Eclipse pad on Mcbride lane off of Pennyroyal road, near Penrose. I drove up there, but they have a locked gate before you can get to the top of the road. Looks like 2 pads are being built. but I can't verify that. You can see the sites through the trees from Pennyroyal rd.

The Abe Troyer wells. 5 wells running south/southeast. Probably only one drill pad,but maybe they need another level site for tanks/parking,etc.

So what is currently going on around the township?  Drilling, permits, pipelines, or other gas and oil development.  Thanks and let us hope for a busy season!!!

we are in freeport twp harrison county, and activity has been non existent since the milliken well, i know they are doing a seismic survey of a large area currently. my question is, why do the seismic after so many wells are already drilled? are the going after something deeper also? possibly rose run? any info is appreciated thanks

thanks for your info, Travis.

i will post if i find out anything and please, do, also.

my mineral rights are near the border of Harrison, in Guernsey county, Londonderry twp.

heard nothing from AEU since we signed Oct.2011 and no activity that i know of..


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AEU is currently drilling one in Londonderry: it's about 4 miles SE from S.R. 22 on Skullfork. They've been at it a few weeks now, and I believe they are drilling two units from the one pad (if what the surveyor told me was accurate): the western most I'm in, and the other unit is east of the first.

We're waiting for seismic testing. They drilled the holes in Dec. and said they'd be back in Feb to do the testing, but haven't seen a thing yet this year.

So what is going on in Londonderry now ?  How is the progress on the water containment structures progressing.  Has anyone heard of any new wells that are to be drilled or anything else?   THANKS!!!

Can now answer my own question, I posted above!!!!---------After investigating on why no drilling of my mineral rights, that are located on the R&R Conservation, on Skull Fork Rd., Londonderry Twp., Guernsey, I have learned a very disturbing fact!!

I know I have explained this before but will do it, again, for the last time.Signed with Shell in 2011 and in '13 AEU bought from Shell. For four years there has been no activity or should I say no drilling on the acreage my minerals are located(K&R Conservation LLC). Told after signing lease, location of my mineral rights were in a "hot spot". Wondering why no activity in 4 years.

Several days ago,Dodge Charger updated me that trees were removed and a pad was laid on the K&R  property, where my rights are located but that was along while back. After hearing that from Dodge Charger, I contacted a Lindsey Fixley at AEU. I was given this contact, Fixley, by a Shell rep in 2013, when we were sold to AEU. Had contacted him before and he had confirmed our mineral rights were indeed included in a assigned group. But then years went by and heard nothing from AEU and there was NO drilling.

Contacted Fixley at AEU, several days ago and  asked why no drilling on the K&R Conservation and I quote from his e-mail reply to me-------------"THIS IS A DORMANT MINERAL ACT ISSUE".

I checked the ODNR map and there is drilling on all sided of my mineral rights but found no drilling activity on the extensive amount of property K&R owns and where my rights are located. Found out this last summer that K&R had my mineral rights listed, with other mineral rights owners, in my same area , in an "Affidavit of Abandonment". Hired a lame attorney and then hired an attorney from Columbus and was told, because we had signed with Shell, K&R could not claim our mineral rights and have no worries.

I beg to differ with the attorneys, now that I have heard from the horse's mouth, that it is all over but the shouting(Lindsey Fixley--AEU)!! This land owner, K&R, has put a stop to any drilling and I believe a permanent stop at that!!

I don't believe I will ever be compensated for any royalties or be able to sell my rights. My lease is up next year and have been told by Fixley, at AEU, he does not think AEU will renew my lease. I have no where to turn. Have the mineral right but?????

Just wanted to share this with ya'll in case your mineral rights are involved/located in the  the acreage K& R Conservation owns.

Very upset with these finding but what can be done???? More $$ on attorneys and with the same result? What I have read about the Dormant Mineral Act, it doesn't look good for the mineral rights holder!!

Any thoughts?

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My question is; Who is K&R Conservation, and why wouldn't they want that acreage to be drilled under? My answer;  Hire an attorney just long enough to see if you have a chance of legally owning those mineral rights. If so, It would pay you ,and the law firm to continue. There are numerous suggestions on this site for qualified Oil&gas attorneys. Good Luck! & keep us posted please. THX

Did a little research. Pres. of K&R; Robert walls, Uniontown,oh. Bought the property 02/2004.  Signed an Oil&gas lease with Gulfport, 03/01/2013. Since has signed abandonment papers. I don't understand the aband. of mineral rights deal.  Don't know much about that, or what that means. His attorneys were kukliak & wilkins from Canton,oh. Public records in Guernsey County.That's about as much help as I can give you.

I so thank you, Bo! You and the others on this site are the best!!

I so appreciate everyone's  input and help! I need all the help I can get! I am really not savvy at all as to this o/g industry. I just inherited mineral rights form my Dad and didn't know I would ever be in this position in the first place.(potentially reaping royalty benefits, that is) I am just a middle class man. Don't want all this hassle. But don't want to be taken, either!

Now I am really wondering how K&R signed with Gulfport in 2013 and we signed with Shell in 2011 and are now are with AEU?? Did K&R think, then, that they owned the mineral rights when they signed with Gulfport? Can two different o/g companies  share the same drilling well?

Just someone buy my mineral rights,please and get this monkey off my back!! :)

nc man

nc man


We did hire attorney, Daniel J. Hyzak  from the Reminger Co., LPA group in Columbus, this fall. Really is was just a review of the first attorneys info. After going over the papers that the 1st attorney, Keith Plummer, Cambridge, sent us, when we wrapped up our services with him, we then contacted Mr. Hyzak. Sent Mr. Hyzak the papers Plummer had filed on our behalf and  had sent to us us.

We filed a motion of " Notice of Preservation of Oil/Gas Rights" in August of 2014 on our mineral rights. This was done by Plummer.

From my understanding, from the correspondence for AEU rep, K&R is trying or have attained all the mineral rights on their property, by their filing of the  the "Notice of Abandonment", in June 2014. That is why there has been no o/g activity in the 4 years of our lease.

Have been told, K&R Conservation did not know they did not own the mineral rights on their property. That is very hard to believe. I know, each property I have bought, if I own the mineral rights or not. I am a little spot in the dirt compared to the land K&R has.

Both of these attorneys, we hired, felt we had not lost our ownership rights of our minerals. But AEU's response 2 days ago, tells me differently ,when AEU's answer to my question as to why no activity, in four years, the response was," this is a Dormant Mineral Act issue". K&R has blocked all drilling using the "Dormant Mineral Act" "clause.

K&R Conservation is owner of lots and lots of acreage west of Skull Fork Rd, Londonderry Twp, Guernsey County, where our mineral rights are and then their property continues east of Skull Fork Rd. and north into Harrison County. If you get on the ODNR map and zoom in, you will see the extensive amount of the K&R Conservation property. NONE of the K&R property is being drilled on, according to what I observe on the ODNR map. Drilling going on all around this area of K&R's property but none on K&R's.

What I don't understand is when we leased with Shell, wasn't K&R paid by Shell, also, for their land to be drilled on? There had to be $ exchanged at that time, wouldn't you think? Isn't a contract legal and binding? That was in 2011 and then K&R filed the "Affidavit of Abandonment" in 2014, three years after we signed the lease with Shell, which was sold to AEP in 2012. Our name , along with others in the same area, where our mineral rights are located, was listed on the Abandonment "paper, filed by K&R.

How K&R can do what they are doing is a mystery to me. K&R allowed trees and a pad to be built on their land, several years ago, according to Dodge Charger.This finding, from Dodge Charger, shed a lot of light on my question, over the years, why no drilling in such a good, rich spot, where my minerals are.

But I do know K&R is preventing me from making royalty $$ on my mineral rights and I am frustrated beyond words! I don't see a good ending for me!

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