Does anyone know about any drilling in Londonderry Township, Guernsey County, OH by Aubre? Skull Fork Rd to be exact? Thanks for any info you might share.

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Gulfport actually signed and paid some folks who ,came to find out, they didn't have the rights,or were HBP. So they asked for their $ back.  Don't know if they got it back? Shell also signed leases with folks that unknowingly to both parties,didnt have the rights, or other problems, then they just never paid them and the leases expired, or were released. There's no record of K&R signing a lease with Shell. But you may be right, they thought they owned the mineral rights. Better bite the bullet and contact the lawyer again.Wish you all Good luck.

Thanks Bo, I think you are right. Appreciate all the time and effort you have put in enlightening me about K&R.

This just seems like it is not worth all of this mess!

Not that I am not grateful for my Dad's gift but I am not sure the hassle is worth the aggravation. Maybe a well will never be drilled and I not see a penny of royalties.

Will keep you informed.

nc man

You can try this group:

William G. Williams
Attorney at Law

Krugliak, Wilkins, Griffiths & Dougherty Co. L.P.A.
4775 Munson St. NW; P.O. Box 36963
Canton, Ohio 44735-6963
Direct Dial:  330-244-2878
Main Phone:  330-497-0700, ext 173

My parents used the one listed above (after originally using another atty); he seemed very knowledgeable about the O&G industry and got them a fair deal (IMHO). Seen the name listed in other posts as well. However, one word of caution: you may have to stay on top of him as he seemed to be slow at times in responding. I acted as a middleman for my parents and did all the communications back and forth.

I would definitely put up with the hassle of this mess even if your share is only a couple acres. The financial gain could be huge.

I agree that KWGD is a good law firm, the problem is that they are representing K@R.

Yeah, that would be a problem! Thanks Philip!!

NC Man,

Since this is a DMA issue, nothing will be solved until the Ohio Supreme Court rules on the pending cases regarding the DMA acts of 1989 and 2006.

The oil and gas companies can take a contingency lease on all possible mineral owners in order to drill.  However, you will not be paid any bonus money per acre or royalty until the mineral owners are determined.  The money is held in escrow until it is clear who has the minerals. 

Most of the time O&G companies will give you $100-$500 for just signing the contingency lease (whether you have the minerals or not) and then release the bonus money and royalty (if a well is drilled) once the correct mineral owner is determined.

The Conservancy might not have thought they had any rights under the 1989 DMA, but under the 2006 they could have some rights.  The same could be said for you too.  Right now the DMA situation in Ohio is a complete mess.  Hopefully the Ohio Supreme court will give some direction on how to handle the mess.


My lease is up Oct. of '16. Do you feel this might be through the courts by then?

If not, do you suggest, if AEU doesn't renew my lease in 2016 we should  try to find another o/g company to give us a lease or are my mineral rights too chancy for anyone to be interested in them? Not even sure how this works as far as signing with another o/g company?? Just guessing.

Yes, Dodge Charger, we were aware that the law firm in Canton, knows their stuff but Phil is right on, they represent K&R.!!

The reason I know this, also, is I have a letter from KWDG. Have this letter, from when we had the attorney from Cambridge last September,  and our first attorney contacted K&R's attorney, Greg Watts, who represents K&R,  of this group, stating,  and I quote from Mr. Watts' letter back to our attorney, which I have--

"The abandonment filed by my client(K&R) has nothing to do with your clients mineral rights or their separate mineral reservations. The Affidavit  of Abandonment, filed by K&R, was limited to the Dunn Reservation. The legal description of my client's(K&R) parcel has nothing to do with which acreage was being abandoned and your client's (nc man)parcel is merely listed as required by the statute to show that K&R are the surface owner of the affected acreage. The abandoned interest is separately defined and expressly limited to the Dunn reservation."

The Dunn reservation is in the same section as my mineral rights.This letter made me feel all was well with the situation of still owning my mineral rights.

Evan suggested the law firm in Columbus that we used and they seemed to be quite knowledgeable withe o/g issues. But when we contracted them it was just for a second opinion on finding out if I legally owned the rights. Did not trust the Cambridge attorney!

I was not aware there was a hold on drilling by K&R's DMA move, at that time, when I hired the Columbus attorney. The Columbus attorney told me that because there was a lease(mine) with Shell in 2011, I was o.k., as far as still owning my mineral rights and agreed with the Cambridge attorney's conclusion, all is well with my rights.

Just learned of the reason there has been no drilling in 4 years,  by a Lindsey Fixley, at AEU, this last week. I contacted him to ask why no drilling and his response was---" this is a Dormant Mineral Act issue." Would not elaborate. But have learned from everyone on this site, that has responded, a whole lot more!

I am wondering what you think I should do as far as the attorney thing. Wait until the ruling by the Supreme court or contact them now? I personally can't see what an attorney could do now but would not want to wait until it is to late, either.

Need everyone's thoughts on this please!

nc man

1 1/2 years is a long time away.  A lot can happen in that time period, especially with the DMA issues.  Hopefully by next year this time the courts have given some direction to clean some of these issues up.

Yes,here's hoping, Big! And that the ruling is in favor of the mineral rights REAL owners!


nc man

Anything going on?  Has anyone heard any rumors or seen any signs of anything starting to happen again?  Thanks for any information!!

The Donna well (on Skullfork, Londonderry) had drilling completed last year; last word was fracking was to be in Feb but it still hasn't started. They didn't start clear-cutting trees for pipeline (Markwest), so that will have to wait till the end of this year before they could start that.

A new pad was just put in the end of  the year which appears to be two units' sizes to the west of the Donna well; access road to the pad is on McCoy, near Styx Hill. No drilling rigs yet.

Closer to S.R. 800 off McCoy (right at Guernsey Cty / Belmont Cty line) they've started ripping up the ground (ODNR sprayed all the vegetation last year); not sure if it's for a well pad or something else.

I've not seen / heard anything else closer to your property other than ForestTech (?) signs for selective tree harvesting. I think those were on London Rd.

I know some people near Antrim who recently got  letter from Gulfport saying they will not be renewing their lease.


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