We delivered 2 new 10,000 Gal. tanks to Little Round Top just North out of Jersey Shore and West of Salladasburg in Lycoming Co. in Mifflin Township that will be used at a cleaning/pump station there.

What was interesting as told to our driver is that there are 85 drilling rigs on that area drilling wells.

Latitude & Longitude

41.332031, -77.249079


I hope they are on your land.

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Lycoming County, PA rig count shows only 11 currently drilling as of 21-Jan-2011, per Baker Hughes Rig Count. I think the number 85 must be for something other than drilling rigs in Lycoming County. 



Thanks for the update FXEF.


Without counting them for ones self it ends up being just here-say.


Sorry I passed on bad info.


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