Has anyone successfully got any revisions to an old lease (HBP) that Encino(EAP) is asking for a Amendment & Ratification? My current lease (HBP) says can only be pooled or unitized with separate written agreement with lessor.  I was requesting they amend it  providing the same royalty %, if they drill a horizontal well.    This would make the same percent as the lease they presented for my current unleased acreage

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I know someone that had a similar situation. They amended his lease . Only thing changed was the size of the pooled unit. He received a small bonus for amending the old lease. Mostly all old leases were 12.5% on the net.

They only want to give me the $10 "consideration" to make the change legal. 

I would look into calling a lawyer. I know a few people with exiting old leases received $1000 per acre bonus to amend the old lease.how many acres are involved ?

under 25 acres on the amending acreage for a held by production well.  I already had consulted my attorney, but EAP isn't willing to budge but would really appreciated my signature/ cooperation.  I've just noticed a few amendments/ ratifications in Knox township, Columbiana county. that have some unrecorded exhibits, which normally contains any bonus money/ % royalty  modifications.

I  know ultimately they can just force pull the Held by production acreage if they want. 

They will not be able to just go through because of the old lease stating the size of the pooled unit. They need you to sign off on it to amend the lease. JOSEPH J. PASQUARELLA . jpasquarella@kwgd.com
+1-330-497-0700. Try to get ahold of him. Very knowledgeable and helped out a friend of mine.


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