Encino CHK KWGD And The Wholesale Theft Of Our Resources By The CPPIB

Anyone else besides me holding a CHK lease that was drafted by KWGD and then subsequently sold to Encino Acquisition Partners? Folks, you do what you want but there is NOT A CHANCE that I will allow some crooked E&P hiding some 1200 miles away and our neighbors to the north to continue to steal from me, my family, my city, my state and my country. I had well over six figures stolen from me in 2019 alone. No taxes to my city, state or federal government. See, EVERYONE loses if we stay silent and allow them to rob us. Do you realize EAP is 98% owned by the Canadian Pension Plan Investment Board? Thats right, 98% of the money that is being stolen by improper deductions IS GOING TO CANADA. I feel the KWGD loss in the matter of Zehentbauer Family Land LP., et al.,   v   Chesapeake Exploration, LLC, et al., has just emboldened Encino to the point where they think they can pay nothing and if you dont like it, sue us. No problem Hardy...see you in court. In conclusion, friends, IT'S HAMMER TIME....who's with me? There is strength in numbers. United we stand, divided we fall. Please, everyone, feel free to contact me and lets get the ball rolling. 

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I am interested in talking with anyone from Carroll, Harrison or Jefferson Counties

Have no fear, there are people working on this.   I cannot say more at this point, but if this issue can't be resolved in the next week or so, it will become public and I will post more information.

What is happening with this?

haven't heard anything yet about the lawsuit .still waiting
Trust me, the CPPIB is gonna get RAILED by some ugly PR. Stealing from US citizens
I'm calling BS Joe or I would've heard from you. Good luck to all of you who are getting hosed by the Canadians at the CPPIB...I'm working on putting together a class action that WILL NOT go in the favor of Encino....inquire or continue to get bent over.

This may or may not be relevant but i had a contract with nee in West Virginia and they were less than cooperative in completing the contract .I It did require a lot of prodding and the bottom line which is so very often the case  is bold greed.

I don't really care who is doing the stealing,and if they are stealing, prove it.

 My lease clearly allows for deductions, and CHK never itemized them. By my calculation, IF the Encino itemized deductions are valid, a sale price of $1.89 is the break even gas cost for post production alone. Then there are the production costs and overhead to consider before any loot is sent anywhere. You must show A ) Those are not their true costs (if deductions are allowed), and/or  B) They are fudging on the actual sales price. If you can do that, I'm in.


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