What`s up with this news?   Is it possible, and what would a EQT takeover mean for further development in Central PA?  

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Is this just Pennsylvania or also WV?

That`s an interesting question.   Would CNX just sell off WVA holdings and retain PA?   My impression is it`s the entire company EQT wants. 

I just read a news story about it and it looks like it is the entire company holdings.

Yep.  It looks like they're after the whole company.

EQT is already biggest in the map.  This might be good for NG price in the future but only because they can control production......choke back the wells just fulfilling contracts.  Until demand and price go up so many companies overproducing to meet debt is killing the price.  Even though we are killing our economy at home a lot of the world reigned in Covid and energy demand is starting to rise.  More exports maybe?  Things will get better.   How is the Cracker Plant in Monaco, PA progressing? 

My option, EQT being the most crooked company of the Appalachian Basin has acquired Chevron and now maybe CNX. This isn't good. Remember who EQT is, Equitable Gas. Equitable screwed a lot of landowners back in the day with Gas storage. They can bring prices per acre and royalty down to the old day prices of a few hundred an acre and standard 12.5% for new units and new leases. This sucks people!! 

What did you think of CNX`s 3rd quarter report?   Who is, CNX now?

The CEO of CNX said they wouldn't sell to EQT. 

Any latest on this news?

I haven't heard anything about it either way since November.  A quick Google search didn't bring up any new rumors, either.  CNX seemed to be pretty averse to the idea, so unless something changes I imagine a merger won't happen.

EQT bought my lease from Ascent in September.  I'm in Ohio.

Hello Vic,

Is your property adjacent to original Rice leases prior to EQT.  EQT seems to generally like to only acquire leases in their PA and WV fields. 


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